The Antarctic (AAL) Foundation, an organization that places a strong emphasis on environmental protection, has announced plans to start selling the Antarctic AAL token with free distribution through airdrops.

23rd of August 2022, Panama With the intention of launching the AAL token, the team behind The Antarctic Token (AAL), an ALO Global project, is stepping up its efforts to use blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies as tools for environmental protection. The Antarctic (AAL) Foundation states that an Antarctic token airdrop will take place prior to the token sale, starting on September 15, 2022.

The Case for Environmental Protection

Given that the effects of climate change are becoming more and more obvious every day, there is an increasing need to tackle it head-on and develop practical, effective solutions to stop global warming. The NOAA’s 2021 Annual Climate Report shows that the combined temperature of the land and ocean has increased at an average rate of 0.14 degrees Fahrenheit (0.08 degrees Celsius) per decade since 1880. Models predict that by the end of this century, the global temperature will be at least 5 degrees Fahrenheit higher than the average between 1901 and 1960, according to the 2017 U.S. Climate Science Special Report, “if annual emissions continue to rise rapidly, as they have since 2000.”

Governmental and non-governmental organizations have consistently made recommendations and implemented programs to halt the trend of rising global average temperatures and ultimately save the Antarctic over time. But there is still work to be done, particularly in raising awareness of the risks associated with ignoring the Antarctic region. Because of this, the Antarctic (AAL) Foundation wants to use cryptocurrency to make its point, which is supported by the Antarctic token airdrop.

The Antarctic (AAL) Foundation’s main goal

The Antarctic (AAL) Foundation’s main goal is to protect the environment and promote the growth of environmentally friendly activities using a business model built using cutting-edge technologies like blockchain, smart contracts, and cryptocurrencies. The project’s launch couldn’t have come at a better time; right now, all business models need to include an ecological perspective as a key component.

By forming alliances, taking part in them, and providing funding, the ALO Global project will assist pre-startups and entrepreneurial endeavors in identifying workable and long-term solutions and ideas and moving them from the conceptual stage to the practical one. The Antarctic (AAL) Foundation aims to use cutting-edge technologies, such as blockchain and smart contracts, to find and approve projects with business models that suggest a decrease in the impact on the environment and an improvement in quality.

The Antarctic Token (AAL)

The Antarctic Token (AAL) is a cryptocurrency unique to Antarctica, and the project it backs is expected to set the standard for the blockchain industry in the next few weeks. The token is the engine that propels the ALO Global project toward its objective of hastening the growth of green activities and programs like environmental safeguarding, the creation of renewable energy and the widespread adoption of carbon-neutral devices, funding and support for eco-sustainable start-ups, and many others.

The Antarctic AAL Token Sale and Airdrop.

The airdrop will commence on September 15, 2022, marking the beginning of the next major cryptocurrency trend and allowing as many people as possible to join the campaign to preserve the planet, no matter their location.

The first phase of the distribution is the AAL token airdrop, when participants receive a free allocation equal to one percent of the offering. After this, pre-sales will begin with 1 AAL for $0.05 and a minimum of $5,000 for institutional/private investors. Sales round 1 and 2 are the last stages of distribution, and they are available to anybody at 1 AAL for $0.07 with a 30% discount, and 1 AAL for $0.085 with a 15% discount.

Buying and holding on to the AAL token offers many potential advantages. In addition to preventing an environmental disaster in Antarctica, investing in this coin is a smart financial move because its value will rise in tandem with the success of the initiative it backs.