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These days, the news is much more readily available to everyone, and with the development of the internet and modern technology, it can be accessed quickly and easily all over the world. In this article, we’ve put together a round-up of some of the best and most popular newspaper subscriptions that you can subscribe to, and if you want to save money on yours, check out these Telegraph discount codes for a special deal on your next online subscription.

  • The Guardian – a subscription to the Guardian will get you access to special features on their digital platform and you can enjoy the independent journalism that they offer. They have monthly or annual packages to choose from, and you can get lots of benefits such as ad-free reading on all your devices, interactive crossword puzzles, premium features with The Guardian App, and you can even get a free 14-day trial before you commit to your subscription.
  • Financial Times – This popular newspaper has various digital subscriptions. You can start with a trial package where you can get full premium digital access for 4 weeks, then if you decide to continue, you can select one of the pay monthly or pay annually packages. They offer unlimited access to all articles, columns, and features, plus in-depth analysis of trade, emerging markets, politics, business, and investing. The premium option will also allow you to access all their newsletters, including their award-winning Unhedged newsletter where you can discover the most important market trends.
  • The Telegraph – many online press websites have regular offers and deals, and this includes The Telegraph newspapers. There is a wide selection of subscription choices including a Family Pack that you can share with others. Their award-winning journalism offers you expert analysis and opinion, live updates on the latest news stories, the daily digital newspaper via the mobile app, and lots of additional features.
  • The Independent – this online newspaper offers award-winning news coverage and is highly recommended by readers and subscribers alike. Choose between The Independent Premium or the Independent Premium + Daily Edition monthly and annual packages. These subscriptions include lots of extras like ebooks that you can download, tickets to virtual events, daily crossword and Suduko puzzles, and full access to premium news analysis.
  • The Times & The Sunday Times – you can get unlimited digital access to these British newspapers when you subscribe and you’ll be able to enjoy instant access on all your devices, exclusive topical newsletters, weekly supplements, and magazines, exclusive video content, and a wide range of different sections including sports news, politics and business, and life & style.
  • The New York Times – in the UK you can subscribe to the New York Times International Edition to read this extremely popular newspaper with a concise daily paper designed for global readership. They have 1700 journalists working in more than 160 different countries around the world so readers can get all the latest news, analysis, opinion, and more. The Weekend Edition also includes the latest culture, arts, fashion, wellness, and travel news from around the globe.
  • The Wall Street Journal – another popular choice, especially for students and professionals in this world-renowned US newspaper. Becoming a WSJ member will give you unlimited access to insight and analysis on everything from business and finance to politics and culture. The basic digital subscription includes podcasts, interviews, and a selection of events, offers, and experiences.

Whether you decide to go for one of these subscriptions, or choose to get your news eleswhere, one of the most important priorities is to ensure that you choose a reliable and trustworthy source. For more information and advice, you can visit the Independent Press Standards Organisation website which regulates the majority of newspapers and magazines in the UK.

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