The Price of Happiness Season 3 Episode 2 Summary: Yildiz allies with Ender

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Today’s article, entitled “The Price of Happiness Season 3 Episode 2 Summary,” will show us how crisis situations can bring together even the fiercest enemies. Ender is ready to do something she never thought she could do. What? Well, ally with Yildiz. However, the matter is serious and otherwise she will not be able to see the brilliant Mrs. Argun again. Let’s see what the 2 women in Halit’s life are going to do to get Sahika off the stage.

The Price of Happiness Season 3 Episode 2 Summary: Yildiz allies with Ender

Although she thought she would be at peace with her mother, withdrawn from the agitation at the Argun mansion, Yildiz was sorely mistaken. When someone knocked on their door, no one would have expected it to be Ender. Why? Well, if you remember from the summary of episode 1 of season 3 of The Price of Happiness, I told you that Ender was originally missing. Then, after a drastic search by the police, everyone had to understand that Ender was gone.

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But everything was still a plan of the too intelligent woman. We can expect to find out why she resorted to such a plan. But, going back to the present, Yildiz is absolutely shocked when she sees her rival. Ender doesn’t waste time and tells him that he has to do something, because everyone in the Argun mansion is in danger. How so? Well, Sahika is not what he seems. It’s much more dangerous, which is why both Ender and Yildiz have to fight to stop it.

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Ender briefly explains that Yildiz needs to return home to Halit. Only then will she be able to pay attention to what Sahika is planning. Unfortunately, Ender can’t accompany her, at least not for now. Why? Well, his health doesn’t allow it. She must recover first and only then will she be able to become the fatal woman she once was. So, until then, Yildiz is alone…

Kaya falls in love with Leyla

Love is everywhere and can strike even those who think they are invincible in front of it. Here, this time, Kaya seems to fall in love. The one chosen by his heart is not an acquaintance, but a completely new girl. In season 3 of The Price of Happiness, a girl named Leyla appears. She’s a little confused and doesn’t know anyone. He definitely wants to change his identity for a reason we don’t know at the moment.

For the first time, he wants to work at a grocery store. To start a new ivata, from 0. However, he fails to do so, so he goes on. He meets Kaya, who seems to like her at first.

The girl with the face of an angel is not exactly like that. Leyla has a hidden cunning, which she brings to the surface only and only at key moments. Apparently she knows Caner, to whom she goes to give him news. He tells her she’s his half-sister. Obviously, this is a lie, but Caner seems to believe it. And, because it’s a kinship between them, according to Caner, he can’t help but find a job. So, he helps Leyla get a job at Kaya’s company, where he also recently started working.

The Price of Happiness Season 3 Episode 2: Erim becomes the puppet Sahikai

Poor Erim is no longer what he used to be. After he started taking the pills from Sahika, he began to listen to her unconditionally. Basically, he became Sahikai’s easy-to-control doll. And it seems that the first order is quickly given to Erim.

Seeing that Yildiz has returned to the Argun mansion, Sahika does not stop to think. He tells Erim to kill Yildiz. Finding out, Halit thinks that he would need to be hospitalized again, because it is visible that he still has problems. But Sahika disagrees. She tells him that instead of chasing his own child, he’d better get rid of Yildiz.

This time, too, Sahika is out of luck. The first time Erim failed to kill Yildiz, and now Halit disagrees with her. He doesn’t want to kick Yildiz out. If she has no one with her, Sahika decides to take care of the problem herself. How? Take some poison and pour it into Yildiz’s food.

We find out that Yildiz is lucky from the Price of Happiness Season 3 Episode 2 Summary

Somehow, Yildiz gets rid of the poison. But someone else falls prey to the Sahikai plan. It’s about Aysel, the maid. She is poisoned, but manages to escape with her life. In the subsequent analyzes, Sahika somehow manages to change the results, so that she can get rid of the clean scarf.

But Yildiz realizes that she should have tasted the poison. So, call Ender to get her started. Then he asks her to come, because it means she’s in danger too. Ender does exactly that. Contact a police team and head to the Argun mansion. Here, Sahika is shocked to see her. However, this will not remain the only reason for surprise for her. Why? Well, Ender came ready to arrest Sahika. She told police that Sahiak pushed her into the sea that night.

The conclusions of the episode

And so the episode ends. So, that’s how we end the article entitled “The Price of Happiness Season 3 Episode 2 Summary”. How did you like the episode? On a scale of 1 to 10, what grade would you give it? Leave us a comment. And, obviously, if the summary helped you, you can also share it. So, all your friends who watch the Price of Happiness will find out what happened in this beautiful Turkish series.

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