The Royal Knights of the Carian Royal Family and the Legends of the Elden Ring

The Lord is followed by a large number of Knights until the end of the world, including the red main soldiers of radon. Although only a select few knights have the ability to compete with the Golden Order’s greatest champion, there are those who will stop the golden tide of the Golden Order. These individuals, however, are carrion knights. Good morning, and welcome to today’s lesson, in which we will talk about the magical Knights who serve the Carrion Royal Family. How intriguing they are as knights, particularly due to the fact that they are very different from the other knights in the game in terms of the selection  Elden Ring runes for sale for obtaining the night, the abilities they possess, and the night itself when compared to other knights in the game.

It is possible that this will be in addition to the Dragon Knights of Lane Dale; therefore, let us investigate how to become Knights of the Carrion Royal Family. To become a knight in a loving royal family, the first requirement is to become proficient in witchcraft, particularly carrion witchcraft. As far as we are aware, one of the individuals who are currently studying carrion witchcraft is the student Laya lucaria who is featured in the introduction to lazuli. If you are interested in learning more about the introduction, you can click on the content link that I have provided about it in the description. It is unclear whether the Carrion Royal Family has its own training buy Elden Ring items or whether becoming a knight will automatically grant you the right to use Carrion Royal magic. However, it is more likely that the new knight will be a wizard who has learned well while working in alliance with the Carrion Knight.

Once you have mastered the magic of the Carrion Royal Family, you need to be able to become a real aircraft carrier knight. This means that you need to be able to develop extraordinary combat skills on the basis of mastering their magic, and you also need to be able to combine and combine the two types of abilities. This is reflected once more in the people who study lazuli, as the introduction to lazuli states. They are skilled in both the use of the sword and witchcraft. They do not bring sticks, but rather wooden swords with glowing stones inlaid in them. Casting with a sword, as opposed to casting with a stick, seems to me to be a very different experience.

In order to become a Carrion Royal Knight, one must first become skilled in swordsmanship and witchcraft. However, this does not preclude one from making use of the stick that is traditionally carried by Carrion Knights. Once the challenging task of mastering swords and magic has been accomplished, the shield and the stick should be switched places between the two weapons. It is up to the prospective candidate to demonstrate that he is deserving of a spot on the night ship. We do not know for certain, but we do know that the carrion knight is the hero with the highest honor, which means that in order for someone to become a knight, they may have to accomplish some extraordinary feats. Unfortunately, as I mentioned before, most people have a very limited understanding of what they must accomplish and what they must accomplish before reaching the moon. However, the allure of this endeavor is that anyone can become a knight if they can demonstrate that they are deserving of the title. This is evidenced by the fact that there are already knights in existence, whom we have encountered while fighting between the two countries. We will spend some time going over a few of them in detail.

Now, the first group of Carrion Knights that we will battle is Mugrum, or Parry God as I like to refer to him. The door to Ronaldo’s room is protected by him at all times. Although he is the only guard of the Karen knight, Mugram seems to be very good at parrying, and he is able to use most forms of carrion magic. In addition, he wields a shield and a stick, despite the fact that he is the only one of the Karen knights. The Ranara order has been in disarray for a considerable amount of time as a direct result of the decline of the royal family.

Other knights that we found later were still bound by their vows, but they made the decision not to protect Lanara but rather to protect Ronnie, the Moon Princess. They were patiently awaiting her return so that she could once again take charge of the Caria family. Things are going to start looking more beautiful and distinctive around here very soon. It’s interesting to note that we engaged in combat in the Carrion Manor the following evening.

It was a night full of trolls. These trolls took an oath to serve the corrupt royal family, and when the time came for them to carry out their responsibilities, they remained true to their word. These trolls are also able to cast carrion magic, and they have equipment similar to that of a carrion knight. Knights and other types of carrion knights, in contrast to trolls in the golden order, are deserving of respect and have the highest honor, despite the fact that they are suitable. Once again, we are in the unfortunate position of not being able to answer the question of how they became knights or how they served the corrupt royal family.

On the other hand, I have a theory that these trolls might have been members of the golden order. Remember that ancient astrologers were the neighbours of giants, and since trolls lived with giants in the past, this indicates that these trolls may form an alliance with astrologers, and their promises and friendship run through the changes of the whole era. As a result, they continue to serve the carrion royal family. The royal family of Carrion is descended from astronomers and astrologers. There are several Troll nights spread out across the land, each watching over a different location. After defeating the trolls, we came face to face with another carrion knight known as the Royal Knight Loretta. You will find that they guard various towers and other structures.

On the other hand, we are going to discover that there is only one spell that is capable of defending Loretta Manor. She is now on her way to her destination. We are going to discuss it at a later time. It has recently been whispered that Loretta’s family is of Albano descent.

Given the one-of-a-kind nature of the carrion knight, I am of the opinion that this is the case. I want to believe that she is an active albino, but it’s possible that this is just a rumor, in which case you can believe anything you want to believe. I’m not going to stop you. But the thing that makes Loretta such an important example is the fact that she actually disobeyed her oath in order to serve a new lord who goes by the name of Mykola. This is most likely due to the fact that she has been looking for a new place for the albinos to live. She traveled all the way to the hail tree during the course of her exploration. She had a strong belief that Haili tree was a welcoming community for albinos, and as a result, she decided to break her oath to the Carrion royal family in order to join the ranks of the Haili tree knights. In that case, people might refer to her as Loretta Haili tree knight. Even her dazzling gem weapon would be replaced by amber, a sign that she had switched her allegiance to a different Lord.

Despite the fact that she is now in the service of the new Lord, she will still use carrion magic as a weapon. It is possible that her soul in the Carrion Manor is a spell, given that if it is destroyed, the defensive spell that is meant to protect the Carrion Manor will become ineffective. And last but not least, we also have an intriguing carrier knight. It is the dragon with the shining horns, adola.

The Dragon that is protecting Ronnie is also a carrion knight, that much is true. She is a dragon who subsists on the blood of witches. Prior to the day that she fought against Ronnie, she was defeated by Ronnie, rather than simply being unable to kill the dragon. Because the wizard who swallowed the dragon will cause the glittering stone to become infected and give her the ability to use Glenstone as a power, the Dragon has now sworn to become her knight. She is able to cast spells such as the breath attack from Glenstone. It is possible that she will develop her own magic in the form of the adulus moonlight knife if she is protected by the royal family of Karen or even by Longronnie himself.

In my opinion, this is a more accurate representation of Ronnie’s type than the actual full moon magic, which leads me to believe that the Dragon has a deeper understanding of her. As a result of Ronnie’s own magic casting, it is possible to infer that Bullid and EG are also Carrion Knights. The fact that eg is the war master and the Smith of the Carrion family puts him in a position that is potentially higher than that of the Knights themselves. Therefore, it is possible to consider that he may also be a knight, and e. g. may also be a part of the troll knights. Troll knights have been known to take an oath to the full moon, so the possibility is not completely out of the question. I did not consider the possibility that eg could also be the corrupt Knight bright. In spite of the fact that it has been modified slightly, Ronnie will now receive bright from two fingers.

I think they are very clear about bright’s curse, so bright himself may not be a knight, but he may only be an honorary knight, because you know that he is still Ronnie’s loyal shadow, but he doesn’t specifically serve the full moon. He only cursed two fingers for Ronnie and through, but I still want to say that Brett is likely to be an honorary Knight of the Cullen royal family. Bright is still Ronnie’s loyal shadow, but he doesn’t specificallyThe image of the Carrion Knight is one that is certainly very vibrant and full of detail. It is a very distinctive and fascinating faction in both of the countries. I want to know how the Carrion Royal Family will function in their heyday when they are still in power, but this is how you feel about the Carrion Knights: do you love them or hate them? Do you believe that Bide is a dishonorable knight, or do you believe that a curse will prevent him from being anointed as a knight?