Tips for Choosing an Asset Disposal Service Provider

Electronic waste (e-waste) is often considered the largest category of waste containing many toxic substances such as cadmium, mercury and lead. When e-waste is thrown into landfills, toxins end up in the environment, resulting in negative environmental and health effects.

Despite laws prohibiting the improper disposal of e-waste, millions of tons are recycled every year. However, e-waste is recyclable and hiring an asset recycling service is recommended for best results. A professional IT Asset Disposal company can make a significant contribution to protecting public health and conserving natural resources. Tips for choosing an asset disposal company :

Environmental compliance

Recyclers are offered several electronic recycling certifications. Therefore, it is important to know the certificates issued in your state. Proper certification aims to promote environmentally sustainable electronics recycling practices.

Proper certification indicates that the recycling company is able to comply with appropriate environmental standards and disposal practices for electronic recycling, electronic scrap recycling, and asset recovery. In addition, each state sets safety standards for facilities and areas, standard zoning, pollution liability, and more.

Therefore, it is recommended to consider a service provider who can provide evidence of their compliance with local laws and regulations. Authorities often require various documents before issuing a certificate of conformity.

Data security standards

It is advisable to hire a company that adheres to modern data security practices. Each state has standards for data disposal and sanitation. There are several methods that are often used to destroy data on company hard drives, USB sticks, multimedia and cellular devices.

The electronic method is a common method that aims to clean up and delete data from storage devices. Physical destruction of devices is another used method of destroying a hard drive by punching or shredding. When choosing a recycler, be sure to select one that adheres to the state’s data destruction or sanitation standards.

Customer service

It is important to consider the cost of the services offered by the processor. Be on the lookout for a recycler who has a reputation for providing quality service. Reading customer reviews and reviews from local business bureaus will give you a good idea of ​​the quality of service offered by the service provider.

Although the price of a service is an important factor in choosing a processor, it should not be considered in isolation. This is because cheap services may not mean quality services, and high prices do not mean better services.

Business operations

In addition to proper IT Asset Disposal certification, reporting, and processing standards, the processor must ensure 24/7 surveillance and key card access, among other security measures, for its premises.

In addition, the company must have a reputation for paying its employees on time and using modern technology to sell assets. This provides assurance that disposal expectations are met.

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