To Get Titanium White Octane in Rocket League Follow These Steps

There are many popular car bodies in Rocket League, and many of them are highly valued; the most popular of these is none other than the Titanium White Octane, which is the most expensive of them all. Due to the difficulty in obtaining this body type, it has become one of the most expensive items available in Rocket League. The car can be worth anywhere between 20 and 22 thousand Rocket League credits. Depending on the platform, the price of this vehicle will vary, but it will always be one of the most expensive items you can purchase in the game regardless of platform.

What Is the Reason for the High Cost of Titanium White Octane?Decadently priced, Octane is one of the most sought-after cars in the game, and the other color variations can be quite expensive as well. The Crimson and Sky Blue color options can both fetch several thousand credits on the open market. Other color variations, such as lime, purple, and pink, are also very valuable in terms of points. Discover the three different methods for obtaining the Titanium White Octane in Rocket League!

There are two main factors that have contributed to the skyrocketing prices of Titanium White Octane. The Octane car is the most popular vehicle in the game, and Titanium White is the most sought-after car color in the world of Octane. Because of this, the Titanium White Octane combination is one of the most expensive and sought-after car body types in the game, which is only natural.

There are also other considerations to consider in this situation. The highly sought-after combination is difficult to obtain because it cannot be obtained through blueprints and cannot be obtained through the in-game Rocket League Item Shop. Given the rarity and popularity of this combination, it is common for esport players and Rocket League content creators to employ it frequently in their games. The fact that Titanium While Octane is being ‘advertised’ in this manner by internet personalities and esports professionals only serves to increase its appeal.

Obtaining Titanium White Octane is a simple process

There are only a few ways to obtain this car body, making it one of the most difficult to come by in the game and driving up the price. You can obtain this item through drops, but because this is such a rare occurrence, relying on this method to obtain the item is unlikely to result in you receiving the item. Fortunately, there are other options for getting your hands on the incredible Titanium White Octane car and making all of your friends envious.

Method #1: Trade-in low-quality items for better ones
The built-in trading system allows you to exchange up to five items of the same quality for one item of a higher quality in exchange for one item of lower quality. In addition, this system now allows for the acquisition of Import and Exotic quality items, which means that there is a chance of obtaining the Titanium White Octane in the game. You can also “trade up” to more expensive items. This involves exchanging one item of equal value for another item of equal value, such as an unwanted Import in exchange for the Octane car, in the hopes of receiving the Octane car instead.
While this is the only way to obtain the item for free, the likelihood of receiving it in this manner is extremely low. The following are the reasons why your chances of getting this car body are so slim:

  • There are 168 Painted Imports on the market.
  • According to this, the odds of getting any Octane are 12/168 (6.67% chance).
  • Getting a Titanium White Octane, on the other hand, would only be 1/168 (8.34% chance) of happening.
  • In order to obtain the actual percentage chance, we must multiply all of the percentages together. This results in a 0.556% chance of receiving the Titanium White Octane fuel.

While it is possible to receive the car body for free by utilizing the trade-in feature, the likelihood of this occurring is less than 1%. It is not a very efficient method, and it will take a long time to obtain the item using this approach.

Method #2: Purchase it from a third-party vendor
Purchasing the Titanium White Octane may appear to be an ‘extreme’ measure, but it is one of the most effective ways to ensure that you receive the item.
In some cases, you can trade credits for the Titanium White Octane, while in others, you must spend real money to obtain it. The majority of Rocket League buy and sell websites will allow you to purchase the extremely rare and highly valued automobile. It is possible to purchase Rocket League items from a variety of different websites. We even have a discount code available for you to take advantage of.
The cost of obtaining items in this manner is usually slightly higher than the expected market price value for popular items, so plan accordingly. It does, however, allow you to obtain the item in a timely manner and with minimal difficulty.

Method #3: Trading with other players
When attempting to obtain the exact item you desire, trading with other players is a viable alternative. RL Garage, Steam Discussions, Reddit and other places are great places to find trading partners in Rocket League. You can find trading partners in a variety of places including in-game, Reddit, Discord, RL Garage, and more. Trading directly with other players can result in some excellent deals for the Titanium White Octane, but some players may prefer to receive a significantly higher sum in exchange for the Titanium White Octane.

In the case of making trades, it can be difficult to determine the value of the items you want to exchange. Using the RL trading website will provide you with a more accurate picture of the overall situation. Given the fact that prices can vary between platforms, the website allows you to search by the Rocket League platform of your choice. Buying and selling Rocket League Items with other players is very simple, and if you’re unfamiliar with the process, the game will walk you through it.

When it comes to trading for Rocket League items, some websites perform significantly better than others. There are a couple of other things to keep in mind:

  • If you are victimized by a scam, Psyonix will not assist you. The developer does not get involved in any trading disagreements that may arise.
  • Verify that you have received the trade offer you agreed to in order to avoid any disappointment. Some scammers will attempt to increase the amount of trade on your side, or they may offer something that appears to be the item they were supposed to send… but it is not the correct item.
  • Rocket League Prices for items can fluctuate over time, and in some cases, they can change dramatically in a single day.
  • Trading with real people can be time-consuming at times, and communication may not always be clear.

The Titanium White Octane is a car body that is highly sought after purely for its aesthetic value. This is the most sought-after combination, which has resulted in it being one of the most expensive items in Rocket League due to its popularity. There aren’t many other advantages to using this car body other than making your friends and everyone else in the game jealous of your accomplishments. The car’s stats, including the hitbox, remain unchanged, and thus there are no gameplay bonuses to be gained as a result of this.

Obtaining the Titanium White Octane will not improve your gameplay, but it will make you appear significantly cooler to the majority of Rocket League players. It is possible that if you use the car in public games that you will receive an influx of messages asking you about the game and offering to trade for it.