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Employee rights can be summed up as the human rights that an organization or a workplace must abide by. These rights can be defined nationally and internationally and all the organizations must abide by these rights and laws for their employees. It is important to maintain the rights of employees as it will affect the working conditions in the organization if the employees are being discriminated against or not treated properly by their rights.

When an organization does not provide employee rights or discriminates between employees and leads the employees forced to resign, the cases may rise and be treated legally through the government or private sector which not only affects the reputation of the organization in the market but also affect the other employees working in that organization. This negatively affects the employees and there may be a rise in the turnover of the employees as they would not be able to trust the organization as before.


The employees mustn’t be discriminated against each other in any way. There must be no racial or religious discrimination between employees. No employees should be discriminated against based on their cast and colour, all employees should be protected from workplace harassment be that physical such as sex-oriented, pregnancy, or disability or emotional harassment such as anxiety and stress related to work or making them work overtime and what is not in the contract. No employees should be discriminated till they are forced to resign.

And if an employee thinks that the other employee is being discriminated against on any grounds the employee should take the matters legally and may file a complaint against the discrimination. Such discrimination may or may not lead an employee forced to resign.


Every employee must receive fair wages for what they work and every employee must be treated equally in the terms of emolument, and there must be no discrimination in the emolument processes. The employees should also be paid for their overtime, which is more than 40 hours per week. It is mandatory to pay overtime and this must not be an option.


Working in an unsafe environment is also part of employee rights, and any employee can address the issues related to a not secured environment and can ask for their rights. The organization must provide workplace security and make the employees feel protected in the workplace.


The employees must not be mistreated in any way, they should be protected from physical or emotional abuse from employers or colleagues or anyone who is part of the organization. Employees should understand when they are being mistreated and forced to resign and when they are just being incapable of work and just being disciplined.


If the employee is working overtime, he/she should be paid for their work according to the additional hours they are working. Overtime pay is in the rights of the employees and it is not an option for the employer. Not paying an employee enough and making them work overtime might disturb their mental health and make them forced to resign from their position and leave the organization.


When people are working in an organization, they are bound to share their personal information with the organization or the employers, but their personal information must not be shared with other employees when it is not for work purposes. The employees’ personal information must be kept confidential.


The employees need to understand their rights because it will help them to understand if their rights are being violated and if they are being forced to resign from their respective positions. If the employees do not understand their rights they will not be able to ask for justice and would not even notice if their rights are being violated. To take any action against the rights, one must understand what the rights are in the first place.

It is crucial to take any action if you feel your rights are being violated, taking action will lead to justice and will not only help you but will also help other employees if they are being mistreated or had been mistreated in the past. There can be many government and private organizations that may help you get your rights and save you from constructive dismissal and thus not leading you forced to resign.

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