Ways Asia Pulp and Paper is contributing to the environment

Asia Pulp and Paper

The pulp and paper industry is one of the top contributors to the environment. It is the third-largest manufacturer of printed paper worldwide. Asia Pulp and Paper Sinarmas is leading the industry to switch to low-carbon and sustainable paper production. Asia Pulp and Paper Sinarmas is one of the leading producers of sustainable natural and recycled paper products. It aims to be the world’s lowest-carbon, greenest, and most sustainable paper company. Here are a few ways that Asia Pulp and Paper Sinarmas contribute to the environment.

Reduce waste and pollution

As the largest single user of land in the entire paper industry, Asia Pulp and Paper Sinarmas is one of the top sitters in the world in terms of generating waste and pollution. The country accounts for almost half of the world’s paper production. The waste generated in the paper mills of Asia is equivalent to that of 100 automobiles. When the waste is sorted and sent to a landfill site, it is believed to cause deforestation and pollution of water resources. The increasing demand for recycled paper and the growing availability of biodegradable alternatives have led to an increase in organic waste generated. Asia Pulp and Paper Sinarmas has implemented stringent waste management policies and practices to reduce its environmental impact. To learn more about the activities the company is undertaking, visit https://sustainablebrands.com/brands/asia-pulp-and-paper.

Supply affordable, accessible, and sustainable paper products

The high-quality recycled paper products that Asia Pulp and Paper Sinarmas offer have become a major competitive differentiator in the paper industry. The company has established a reputation for being a leader in supplying affordable, accessible, and sustainable paper products. The company has been at the forefront of the shift to a greener paper supply chain. The company has also been at the forefront of sustainable forest practices to protect biodiversity and the environment.

Avoid deforestation

Asia Pulp and Paper Sinarmas is one of the top sitters in the world in terms of deforestation. The paper industry is the single largest user of paper worldwide. Almost two-thirds of paper is made from forests. Trees are felled, and their products are shipped to paper mills. Almost two-thirds of this paper is made from wood pulp. After being turned into pulp, this wood pulp is believed to be a major cause of biodiversity loss and water pollution. Keeping a check on the paper supply chain and managing the paper mills to minimize the loss of trees and sustainable forest practices are top-of-the-mind in the industry. Some of the key strategies regarding deforestation include: Conducting audits to check the credentials of paper mills to ensure they are not source-directing paper into the environment.

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Promote corporate social responsibility

As one of the top sitters in the industry, Asia Pulp and Paper Sinarmas is directly or indirectly responsible for supplying paper products to the global market. The company’s corporate social responsibility program is designed to promote the responsible production and use of paper products. The program has a three-tiered strategy to address the key issues faced by the industry and the people of the Philippines. The strategy includes: Conducting market research to understand the customers’ needs and wants. Creating consumer and market awareness through advertising and public relations.


As the world’s leading supplier of recycled paper, Asia Pulp and Paper Sinarmas is doing an amazing job of reducing its environmental impact. The industry is responsible for creating about one-quarter of the world’s printed paper. By reducing the amount of waste it generates and using sustainable wood, reforestation, and other natural resources, the industry is helping to protect the environment and combat climate change.

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