Ways To fix a Microphone by Mobile Phone Repair in North Highland?

Hello! Hello! Hello! We keep repeating once the line goes all static. How frustrating it is when during an important phone call, you cannot hear from the other person. Microphone issues are the most common and annoying among the other issues that a phone user faces. What if the phone microphone malfunctions during an important cell phone interview or an urgent business call? There are ways to fix the microphone of your cell phone that cell phone repair stores in North Highland suggest. Let’s have a look.

Companies providing mobile phone repair in North Highland suggest tips to fix a microphone

Always restart your smartphone.

A simple solution that solves 99 % of the problems is to restart your smartphone. This trick acts as a quick solution to most problems. If you have not restarted your phone for long, then now is a good time. Restarting your smartphone closes all the unused apps, solves all the hardware/software glitches, and helps your cell phone to fix the microphone. Switch off your smartphone and wait for 20 to 30 seconds before restarting again and see if the problem is solved or not. Otherwise, visiting a cell phone repair store in North Highland is always an option.

Have you ever cleaned the microphone?

Have you ever wondered how many times you have cleaned your smartphone? The smartphone is a man’s best friend in this technological era. It accompanies you everywhere. Hence it accumulates the dust from the environment or dirty pockets. The tiny fabric pieces or dust and debris get stuck in the openings of the microphone. This blocks all the sounds. Blow air on the microphone. The air pressure helps to release the dust. Also, you can gently poke the microphone holes with a needle or a pointy object which helps to remove any dirt inside.

Have you checked the Noise Reduction feature?

Most smartphones come with a noise suppression/ noise reduction feature. This feature helps to reduce the background noise while on call or to make a video. It is a possibility that this feature is acting up and causing issues. You can always turn it off by going to the settings and disabling the noise reduction feature. After this, restart your smartphone and check if the microphone is functioning or not.

Are the third-party apps at fault?

Third-party apps can be at fault for your smartphone malfunction. They can cause a hindrance for your smartphone. The users can experience various abnormalities while using their smartphones. Microphone malfunctioning can be one of the issues created by third-party apps. Try to disable the third-party apps by running your smartphone in safe mode. After that, check your smartphone and see if the microphone is working or not. Check the apps one by one and see where the culprit is hiding. If you want a quick fix, then secure your data and go for a factory restart.

Is the bluetooth device connected at the back end?

The bluetooth application has its own MIC option. It is a possibility that the bluetooth is causing hindrance and not letting the microphone work. So, make sure to disconnect your smartphone from other bluetooth devices and then check the MIC of your smartphone again.

Have you purchased a new mobile phone cover?

It is possible that the new phone cover purchased is covering the smartphone’s microphone. Check if the cell phone’s microphone holes are covered with the mobile case or not. Remove the cover and check.

Is your earphone connected?

Check if the earphones are connected to the smartphone. Most users tend to forget to unplug their earphones. As a result, their message is not conveyed properly, causing them to worry. So, please check.

When was the last time the phone’s software got updated?

By going for a software update, one can solve a lot of problems, including microphone malfunction. See if there is any software update pending. If there is, then update your smartphone and check the smartphone’s microphone again.

Visit the nearest phone repair store in North Highland

If the above pointers do not help you, you can always visit the nearest cell phone repair store in North Highland, like First response Phone Repair, and get your smartphone checked.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why does my microphone not work sometimes?

Ans: Try the following steps:

Check the microphone volume and increase it.

Always check if the microphone or headset is connected to the smartphone.

Q: How do I clean my smartphone’s microphone?

Ans: Follow the following steps:

Use a toothpick or a pointy device and gently clean the microphone holes.

Use a soft-bristled paintbrush or toothbrush to clean the microphone holes.

Use a blow drier or air pressure to clean the microphone holes.

One can always use a sticky tape to clean the microphone holes.