What Do New Online Gamblers Need to Know?

Filipinos have enjoyed their fair share of online gambling sites over the past decade. Gambling has been legal in the Philippines for quite some time, nipping any taboo regarding it in the bud. In the year 2022, the archipelago of the Philippines has seen a spike in new players joining the gambling industry to test out their luck.

Be it online baccarat or poker, our gambling expert Ara Bernier says they can’t dive blindsided. Here are tips for new online gamblers the author thinks are important.

Learn the Laws

Find out if gambling is permitted in your country or state before you start. It’s also a good idea to double-check the legal gambling age in your state. Your country’s gambling commission or authority can provide this information. Learning the laws of the country is not enough; you will need to read the fine print of the casino before you invest, redeem bonuses, or even place a wager on games.

Decide on a Reputable Online Casino

Picking the right casino is half the battle won for a newcomer. You will have to invest time in research and look for specific red flags to avoid shady casinos.

●        The first thing to look for is a license. You can find the license logo on the main page of the casino. Clicking on it should ideally take you to the regulating body’s homepage. If it doesn’t, there’s your first red flag;

●        Always read through the online reviews of the casinos. Casinos will show tall claims on their websites, but customers who struggled to receive their $40 prize will not hesitate to tell the world the truth;

●        A licensed casino collaborates with the best software providers. Reliable games with low volatility and high RTP are sought out by new players to avoid heavy initial losses. You will find a list of the providers on the web page as well;

●        Casino software providers are also responsible for the security measures in place. Look for a padlock on the URL bar. This is a sign of a website with SSL encryption and sometimes means multi-layered authentication systems;

●        Trusted casino sites offer multiple banking options. If you cannot find reliable payment applications like PayPal, run in the opposite direction!

Invest in a Math Class

No, don’t turn back now. Math should be the last thing you need to be afraid of and the first thing you rely on while betting. Probability and statistics play a major role in getting serious rewards. Math skills will not only help you think on your feet but also strategize betting combinations to your benefit.

If you’re just starting with online casino games, figuring out how much money you’re likely to lose is essential. Knowing the house advantage or RTP percentages, as well as how many wagers you intend to place, calculating casino bonuses, and how much money each one will cost is necessary to calculate your odds.

Time and Bankroll Management

You must use your time as wisely as you use your money. Consider the time of day you plan to play. There’s no point in playing casino games when you’re feeling the effects of adrenaline rushes and a fast-beating heart. Keep your emotions in check and limit the amount of money you lose. Because it relieves some of the stress and provides an opportunity for fun and excitement, online gaming can provide a lot of unexpected benefits.

Many casinos now offer self-exclusion programs that allow you to set limits on time and money spent online. Gambling should be viewed as a form of entertainment rather than a way to generate money.

Take Notes on the Playstyles of Your Competition

You should also keep an eye out for how other online casino players interact with their games. You may pick up a few tips from more experienced gamers. In addition, you’ll discover how to craft the most potent methods for achieving your goals. Aside from enhancing your gambling skills and figuring out a winning plan, you may fine-tune your gaming play.


Considering that technology is ever-evolving, players will always have to stay updated to protect themselves. The tips for online casino beginners mentioned above are basic online casino tips that were helpful for new players a decade ago and will continue to be useful a decade into the future. Gamble wisely!