Aside from Asian and European odds, over/under odds hold a prominent place among the various types of betting odds capturing the interest of the gaming community today. For beginners, delving into over/under betting is essential. Through the following discourse, we aim to furnish you with a fundamental grasp of this particular betting style on 22Bet.

                  What Constitutes an Over/Under Wager?

Over/Under serves as a prevalent term in soccer betting circles, utilized by bookmakers to denote a type of betting that involves prognostications for a live match. This form of bet is commonly referred to as Over-Under or simply abbreviated as O/U.

The role in placing a bet involves predicting the most likely number in a match, either higher (over-over) or lower (under-under) than that specific number. Due to these characteristics, over/under betting has emerged as the most popular and preferred type of wager. This is because it allows betting on whether the outcome will surpass or fall short of a designated number, providing a straightforward approach to playing Over/Under.

In soccer betting, bookmakers commonly facilitate over/under bets by establishing lines based on various factors such as the total number of cards, goals, corners, or points in a match.

            How to Engage in Over/Under Betting in Soccer?

As previously mentioned, over/under betting is a widely embraced form of soccer wagering, alongside traditional handicap betting. Typically, participants place over/under bets based on the total number of goals scored during a live match. For instance, in a game ending with a scoreline of 2-3, the total goals would be 5; whereas in a match finishing 1-0, the total goals would amount to 1.

Hence, when engaging in over/under betting, the focus shifts from predicting which team will score to forecasting whether the combined goals by both teams will exceed or fall short of the specified threshold. Essentially, betting on fewer goals implies placing an under bet, whereas betting on more goals entails an over bet.

It’s important to note that regulations governing over/under football betting for the entire match only consider official playing time, including any added stoppage time or overtime. Extra time and penalty shootouts are typically excluded. Presently, the betting arena offers options to wager on over/under for the entire match, as well as for the first and second halves or specific minutes within a football game.

     Presenting a guide on interpreting Over/Under football odds

Here are some prevalent Over/Under wagers:

  • Over/Under 1 ½:

This type of bet is often encountered in matches during the initial and subsequent rounds, focusing on the outcome of a single round. Specifically:

Betting on over succeeds if there are 2 or more goals in the match.

Betting on under prevails if the match concludes with 0 or 1 goal.

  • Over/Under 1 ¾:

Opting for over secures a win when the total goals scored reach 3 or more; the player receives half the payout when the total goals tally stands at 2.

Choosing under leads to victory if the total goals scored amount to 1 or 0, with half the stake forfeited if the total goals reach 2.

  • Over/Under 2:

Selecting over emerges triumphant when the total goals scored surpass 2 in the match.

Picking under results in a win if the total goals scored fall below 2.

In the event of exactly 2 goals, both bets refund the player’s stake.

In conclusion, Over/Under betting stands as a significant facet within the diverse landscape of sports wagering, garnering substantial attention from enthusiasts worldwide. Its appeal lies in its simplicity and versatility, allowing novices and seasoned bettors alike to engage in prognosticating match outcomes based on predetermined thresholds. By exploring the fundamental concepts and practical applications outlined in this comprehensive guide, individuals can develop a solid understanding of Over/Under odds and effectively navigate this popular betting format. Whether it’s predicting total goals, points, or other metrics, mastering Over/Under betting opens doors to immersive and rewarding experiences in the realm of sports betting.