What is Considered 2D Animation? 

2D animation is a type of artistic medium. 2D is short for 2 dimensional. This form of animation uses a two-dimensional environment to create animations through different artistic techniques and media designs. 2D animations are used widely in the world today for television, video games, movies, advertisements, and mobile apps. 

2D animation is one of the oldest forms of animation hence, they have had their influence till now. The websites like Adobe after effects and Toon Boom Harmony are the ones that started using 2D animation in the first place. 

2D Animation Today: 

With the increase of 3D animations across the world it seemed like 2D animation would vanish but 2D animation is all ready to come back to the mainstream. In the world of social media now 2D animations can be seen in popular applications like Snapchat in form of a 1-2 min episode series. 

In the last decade, new animators have come into this field as there is a huge requirement for them to come forward and create interesting and engaging animations. There are a lot of rising animated videos found everywhere. The cartoon channels still have these animated series around. 

Pre-Production of 2D animations: 

The pre-production step is the initial stage of 2D animations in which characters, storyboards, colour patterns, and scripts are decided. After that, the creating of characters is started which involves outlining the background and other elements of animations. 

Production of 2D Animations: 

This is the main step of the production of 2D animations which involves gathering materials and producing the scenes. The help of a computer is also involved in the whole process through which painting and colouring are done. Finally, the exposure sheet involves. 

  • Actions and Timings 
  • Dialogues and Music 
  • Backgrounds 
  • View perspectives 

The Software’s Used To Create 2d Animations: 

Now, as modern animations involve computers the software majorly used are Adobe Photoshop and Flash. These videos are made by adding movements, backgrounds, and other effects. 

This software offers multiple tools to use to create animations thus they provide flexibility to use it differently. To this date, Adobe is considered one of the best softwares to rely on. For specialized animators, Toon Boon is made which has different styles with tremendous speed. Or you can hire professional 2D Animation services at https://crftvideo.com!

Other than that Adobe after effects are the best assistant for those interested in 2D motion. Nevertheless, apart from this software the best that a person can do is to have creative skills rather than using just the softwares. Companies hiring animators focus on 2D animation skills rather than animations.  


2D animations are known to everyone since we have been watching 2D animation cartoons since childhood. These animations required handmade sketching before but now computer-based software’s used to have 2-dimensional effects. 2D animations were considered to diminish as 3D animation kicked in but astonishingly 2D animation is now used widely everywhere including social media platforms. The main software used to get 2D animations are Adobe Photoshop and Flash, Toon Boon, and Adobe After Effects.