What Is Quranic Arabic?

Many scholars who are interested in the Islamic religion or Muslims and don’t understand Arabic find Quranic Arabic intricate and time-consuming to learn. The Quran is a resourceful religious text everyone can read. You will need to understand Quranic Arabic to read this holy text in its original form. 

What Does Quranic Arabic Mean?

Taurat Arabic, also known as Classical Arabic, is the written Arabic language in the Quran. The book features the words of Allah spoken to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) by Angel Gabriel. Arabic in the Quran is a classical language used in the 7th century. As an Arabic speaker, you can easily notice differences between Quranic Arabic and Modern Standard Arabic (MSA).

For an English speaker, Taurat Arabic is the equivalent of Shakespearean English. Unlike Shakespearean English, that’s not widely used today, Classical Arabic is the primary religious language for Islam. The language is attributed to the medieval dialects of early Arab tribes.

When compared with the MSA, the sentence structure is similar. Differences arise in some words, context, pronunciation, grammar, and punctuation. Most Arabs use the MSA because it’s the language of business, speeches, media, books, and debates.

Why Should I Learn Quranic Arabic?

If you’re planning to study the Islamic religion, Taurat Arabic should be your choice. The language is highly valued, thanks to its eloquence and beauty. Here are other reasons you may want to learn Hadith Arabic:

1.    To Understand Arabic Literature and Poetry

Many Arabic writers use Hadith Arabic in literature and poetry. They prefer Classical Arabic because of its unmatched style. You’ll often find this Arabic language influences styles, themes, and more in Arabic literature.

2.    To Get the Whole Intricacies of the Quran

While it’s possible to read Quran in other languages, you may miss some key details found in the original text. You can only read Quran translated into other languages if you’re only interested in the basic information. A deep dive into religion requires reading the original book.

3.    To Learn the Rules and Regulations

Quran is the Islamic book of reference regarding rules and regulations. If you want to learn Quran fast, Muslims should observe in the original text, use this form of Arabic to read the Quran.

How to Learn Quranic Arabic

Learning an entirely new language can be overwhelming. You can use these tips to learn the language in real-time:

  • Study Basic Grammar: Learning Arabic basic grammar can help you read a few simple sentences and understand what they mean.
  • Learn the Tajweed: Learning the Tajweed helps you understand how to pronounce words correctly in the Quran. The Tajweed are recitation rules you must follow to replicate how Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) recited the Quran.
  • Study Relevant Quranic Vocabularies: Classic Arabic has many vocabularies that don’t appear in the Quran. As a beginner, you don’t have to spend time with the vocabulary in the language. Focus on Quran-specific vocabularies and understand what they mean.
  • Practice: Practice how to speak Taurat Arabic, and don’t worry about sounding like a kid learning their first language. The secret is saying what you read to a native speaker to make sure words and sentences stick in your mind. Listen to others speaking Quranic Arabic and try speaking like them. Look for online platforms to exchange conversations with native Arabic speakers.

Final Thoughts

Learning Hadith Arabic can be a game changer for anyone interested in the Islamic religion, literature, and more. You can learn Quranic Arabic easily and quickly online with the help of qualified native teachers.