What Logo Designs Are Trending Now and Logo Trends for 2022

There is nothing to say about the logo design and that it significantly differs from functioning sector to sector. Where an agro company has something else, the company logo design of an automobile sector is very different. That’s because of their working nature and the targeting audience. As for the new trendy designs of logos, it is very important for a company to seek the best designs. They should look for a universal logo design that will give them the representation and uniqueness above all.

Just like any other sector, logo designs also have trending, retro, and a few other types of options. But before anything, you must be aware of the answer to what logo designs you want. And above all, what are the new trends that have been followed by people. And what things should a company keep in mind before getting a logo? So, if any of these things are going through your head then we have a few trendy options for you.

Let’s have a quick look at all the options that are available for trendy logo designs.

Natural Color Palettes

One of the finest and in trend ways of creating a logo design is the natural colour palettes. The reason why this style is getting a lot of traction and recognition is the entire essence that it gives to the viewer. The logos following this design simply look perfect and natural in all sense. However, creating such a logo is a task in itself and people will have to create a perfect persona for what they sell.

Illustrations in Logo

Yes, you heard that absolutely right, illustrations in a logo are one of the best ways to represent your both products or services. In recent times, the choice of using such logos has kept on increasing and companies have actively sought a similar design for the logo. Having illustrations of nature is another thing that people are actively looking for. This gives them the confidence of their clients and customers and also adds a much needed natural element to it. If you want to think about why people are inclined towards getting nature illustrations in their logo. Then mind it that all the logos representing nature connect with people in a different manner.

Retro Style Logo Designs

You might have already seen a lot of new and old companies that have followed the retro style designing for their logos. Mostly you will see this in eatables that I like chocolates, alcohols, and other breweries. People have considered using such logos because it gives them a clean and clutter-free logo that is easily consumed by the clients or the customers. According to a study, it is seen that every logo that’s put on a billboard or any other place for marketing purposes has nearly between 3 to 6 seconds to capture the attention of a person. If your logo is too cluttered it would surely take more time for a person to see all the elements and also to remember it in time of need. This reduces the understanding and the recurring memory of a person regarding logos.

Hand drawn logos

Hand drawn is the newest form or trend in the world of logo designing. There has been a buzz about this trick that has been offered by some amazing international designers. In this type of design, you do not have to worry a lot because the major elements of your logo would be designed by hand by the designer. A lot of brands have now introduced these logos in their ecosystem and they are enjoying the perks as well. Not everyone likes the artistic designs of AI rather they go for some natural drawings. Whereas others prefer having their name and the tagline in their logo which is also beautifully done using hand-drawn logo styles.

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Clear Font Logos

Yet again this is one of those types in which you do not have any design elements, it’s just the name of the brand and their tagline. Some of the brands also like putting their establishment year to show their reign over the years. You can also see these designs in many other areas and its popularity has been diversified. This means that you can see a lot of clear font logos in multiple brands of different sectors. The best part about these types of logos is the simplicity and it avoids the crowd and clatter. Making it highly resonating with the brand speaks. As soon as you get the attention of your client or the customer they understand and know your work and name, respectively.

Strip Logo Designing

There are a lot of brands that have been using strips and lines to create their logo and one of the best and most popular ones among them is the car building brand named Renault. This is one of those brands that has used two lines to create their logo design. The best part is it looks phenomenal and is a wonderful logo with minimal effort. It’s just the creativity behind the logo that makes it so phenomenal. Creating this logo is very easy because all you need to do is put it in a logo generator and curve the lines as per your need. So this has brought strip logo designing into trend. And this trend would stay there for a long time because all you need to do in this is put in some creativity.


If you want to design a logo there are a lot of websites, applications, and software that can help you in building an inspirational one. Some websites that you would find online also offer free services and the number of tools that they have as their freebies are extensive. So if you do not want to waste much of your time on hiring a person and explaining everything to them you can simply look at these websites and get going straight away.

But if you still need any assistance from experts or help from the designers who have been doing logo designing for a long time you can still look for some good names online. Design Hill is one of the best brands that has been working in line with their client’s requisitions and I have been offering some amazing logo options to them.