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We all have heard of this sand-based wild party destination, but there are some places that we generally didn’t think to visit.  Actually, this capital city of Panaji has many attractive places for visitors who have been waiting decades to explore. In India, this party capital will be felt like Lisbon for its spicy sausage and bright ancient buildings that have been standing from the colonial age. 

Don’t wonder I am talking about the place that is the most significant and mainly thousands of people are visiting for the relaxation and comforting. From sunny day to cool night, this beach-centric city focuses on the youths. Here you can also enjoy the same taste of Cinnamon Rolls In Las Vegas.

Travel Places In Goa To Visit In Compatible Seasons:

Onboard people are exciting and thrilling about the beaches of goa and bars. The state still has some rich cultural heritage with the feelings of Portuguese provinces. Let’s take a quick look at the wondrous places of the capital city of Panaji.

  1. Explore Old Goa:

This deserted place in old goa is a top-notch place with its rich historical culture. When it was 16th century that period, it was headquartered by the Portuguese. The common proverb from the ancient time was” who has seen goa not need to see Lisbon.” The goa has the vibrancy of the city Lisbon. Actually, the whole province was captured by Portugal at a time, and they made many churches and convents. When you walk through those areas of goa, you will get the smell of the rich past glory of Portuguese. Visiting the archeological Museum and the Sant Monica convent will help you to exceed the list of historic places. 

In the Bijapur Sultanate at the age of 15 century, the ruler of this place found the old goa. There is a palace named Yusuf Adil Shah beside St Cajetan church that will remind you about the history and culture before the 14th century. The entrance gate of the place has already been ruined and destroyed but still, it has the treasure of past history, which speaks a lot about the ruler and the ancient living standard of the people. You can depart from Panaji by bus, which costs only 300 rupees to reach the place of old goa.

  • Reis Magos Fort At Nerul:

Reis Magos Fort is the oldest fort in Goa. The history behind this fort is tragic and compelling. The ruler of Bijapur was made a military outpost in the year 1493. Although it was settled in the heart of river Mandovi, it still couldn’t stop the invasion of the Portuguese. After 60 years, it was rebuilt again by the Portuguese in the year 1551 to protect their capital city at old goa. Many times it was built to enlarge the structure, but last it was reconstructed in 1707.  When the Portuguese shifted their headquarters to Panaji at that time, it was not required for defense. Later it was converted into a shell, and in the 20th century, more than 100 freedom fighters were being prisoned. Later in the year 2008, it was repaired by the famous cartoonist Loutolim. This fort was opened in the year 2012 for the public and has displayed galleries of his works. 

  • Visit Wildlife Sanctuary:

Visiting Goa is not only for beaches, churches, or convents. But in the mountainous western ghat provinces are the array of wild birds and animals. Around 290 square miles, which is almost 20 percent of goa, occupy the place of the wildlife sanctuary. It is open nearly year-round, but the best time to visit is from October to march. 

There are two main sanctuaries one is Bhagwan Mahavir, and another is Cotigao. You will get to see the Dudhsagar falls at the edge of the Mollem national park. Water rages are basically increased during the season of monsoon. Also, there has accommodation at both wildlife shelters, and it is provided by the Goa Forest department. If you want to stay in an eco-friendly environment, then you can try a mud hut in the palm of Shanti nature resort. 

  • Loutolim Village:

Loutilim village in goa has numerous impressive Portuguese homes. The 250 years old shelters actually belong to the Alvera family, and it is part of the Goa tourist accommodations. It recreated Goan’s rural life under the domination of the Portuguese.  It was named according to the Eufomia Araujo Alvares, who was a well-known lawyer at the time of the colonial phase. 

The mansions were constructed around an inner courtyard. It is elegantly furnished with the antiques of European and old photos. Every room has its shields, and the kitchens are accomplished with traditional tools and equipment. There also have other unique items that you will get to see, like thousands of Ganesh idols and ideal pictures of Jesus hanging on the wall of these ancient homages. 

  • Braganza House In Goa:

The eldest Portuguese houses in goa are the Braganza house. During the 16th century, it was made with an astonishing one-side village candor. This house is spread all over 20,000 square meters, and it has two divisional parts. Both parts are occupied by the two branches of the Braganza family. 

Not only the Maisons but the family history is also very fascinating. The Braganza were basically Hindu families who were converted to Christianity forcibly. They worked successfully with the government and the authority given to the land to build Maisons. That is why we are getting to watch those ancestral rich homes while we are visiting goa. You can visit from 10 am to 5 pm, and it will cost 150 rupees per person to tour each wing. 

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Apart from the above explanation, you can be happy with your taste buds in goa by visiting the food hubs like Batista Restaurant Las Vegas. For example, you can order food from Las Olas or baga restaurant in goa, where you can taste from continental food to Asian foods.  

This sand-based party destination actually has cast ancient culture and speaks a lot of history about the Indian region. At the same time, it will soak you in the splendid natural beauty with the gorgeous view of sand beaches.