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There is little room for negotiation regarding the cost of ongoing medical care. In the case of neurodegenerative diseases, where pain and disability are already substantial, financial concerns can be particularly burdensome.

Parkinson’s disease has its difficulties.

For those who have Parkinson’s disease, brain cells gradually deteriorate and die off. This makes even simple tasks difficult for the patient to complete. In most cases, the effects of a degenerative disease only get worse with time. Unfortunately, Parkinson’s disease is not curable, but it can be controlled with medication and other treatments.

Because it affects the brain’s motor function directly, Parkinson’s disease has devastating consequences for mobility. In the beginning stages of Parkinson’s disease, symptoms are minimal, if present at all. However, they may show outward signs of decline as the condition worsens.

Parkinson’s symptoms are known to be caused by the death of a neuron responsible for dopamine production. However, the cause of the disease is still unknown despite extensive research. Shaking, muscle spasms, bradykinesia, poor coordination and balance, and loss of reflexes are some symptoms of Parkinson’s disease that can develop as dopamine levels in the brain decline.

While Parkinson’s disease is not fatal, it can rob patients of the joy of accomplishing even the most basic tasks, leaving them vulnerable to serious infections as the disease worsens. So, starting treatment as soon as possible is very important to keep nerve cells from worsening.

Xadago has been shown to reduce the severity of Parkinson’s disease symptoms.

Safinamide is the active ingredient in the prescription drug Xadago, which comes in 50 mg and 100 mg strengths at Canada Pharmacy. Prescribed to lessen the dyskinesia associated with Parkinson’s disease, it helps its users become more active in their daily lives. When dealing with the effects of the disease, patients who took this medicine said they could walk, talk, and express themselves better.

Xadago is an MAOI, which means it slows down the breakdown of dopamine and thus reduces the severity of Parkinson’s symptoms. For treating Parkinson’s disease, this medication can be taken in conjunction with Levodopa and Carbidopa (both of which are present in Sinemet). The latter is usually sufficient, but Xadago is recommended for patients with more severe dyskinesia.

Because more prescriptions equal higher costs, ordering medications from a Canadian Pharmacy is an excellent way to save money on medical care.

Pay less for Xadago to manage Parkinson’s symptoms.

Drug prices in the United States have been a major issue for over a decade. The medications sold in the United States and Canada are identical. The latter offers 30 tablets of Xadago (50mg) for only $100, while the former wants you to spend over $1000.

With the help of government regulations, drug manufacturers in Canada are prevented from charging exorbitant prices for prescription drugs, keeping the cost of these drugs down for consumers. When it comes to healthcare, the free market in the United States sets prices rather than the government. Unlike the United States, Canada’s pharmaceutical supply chain has fewer intermediaries, which helps keep prices down. Protections for drug exclusivity and high administrative costs may also contribute to higher drug prices in the United States.

Canada Pharmacy offers Xadago at up to 60% off the price of U.S. pharmacies.

Those with debilitating conditions like Parkinson’s have no choice but to undergo treatment. But if they choose Canada Pharmacy, they can save a lot of money on Xadago and other prescription drugs and sometimes even save more than they would in the United States.

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