Working From Home: The Future of Work

With the COVID-19 pandemic halting the progress of the world, it was apparent that work needed to revolutionise itself in the face of such a pandemic. In other words, there needed to be several alternatives to make sure that people can be productive without being in danger of contracting the disease. As a result, many employers looked into working from home schemes that were quite successful to many. 

However, were not as successful to some. The reason for this is due to the unavailability of infrastructure and the nature of the job. However, it is apparent that some functions can still be transitioned to remote working which should be done by any business today. Here are just some of the reasons as to why this has to be done.


It was quite apparent that even though people did not have a physical space to work in with other colleague, having a remote space seemed to maintain the productivity of employees and sometimes even boosted their productivity. The reason for this is due to the fact that they were able to take those well-deserved breaks that were needed. Moreover, they were not feeling pressured into doing work, thus making it possible for them to organize their work in the best possible manner. 

Work-life Balance

Then comes the work-life balance. This was easily one of the biggest game changers into making working from home something that was enticing for employees. With the advent of all the technological aids, it was now possible to keep in touch with their loved ones, as well as their work colleagues. 

Moreover, it also managed employees to stay healthy and get that much deserved rest they needed. One of biggest things that were introduced as a way of maintaining work-life balance is the double telepresence robot. It made it possible to even go to your work station at your office without physically being there.


Working from home also made possible the implementation of flexible timing. In other words, you do not necessarily have to work the usual 9-5 job in the designated times. You can now do your work even during the night since many employers allowed for that flexibility. This makes it possible for you to get that well deserved rest during the day and work through the night, or even do the opposite depending on what type of person you are.


Gone are the days when you would have to adhere to strict deadlines and stressful work environments. Since you are working in the peaceful confines of your own home, even if work does come your way, you will have the peace of mind to break it down into simple chunks to make sure that you will be able to complete it in the fastest possible time. This makes for the perfect working conditions in the long run.

In conclusion, working from home seems to be the future of employment across the world, even in a post-pandemic one due to the many benefits it has.