Your Leather Care and Care Guide Leather clothing is a highly controversial material


Some people have been warned about this material. Some have called for it to be taken off the market entirely. And some people like such materials. It doesn’t matter what your personal opinion is about the movie. It has been a material for clothing for thousands of years. And it is likely to continue for many years. I am going to discuss about What is Pebbled Leather.

If you are in a group that likes this content. I have some tips and tricks for caring for your leather goods. These tips will help extend the life of your leather garment. And will allow you to enjoy this item for many more years.

Leather care is easy.

1. Clean the skin

2. Leather conditioning

3. Polish the leather

4. Protect your skin!

And the most important thing to protect and extend the life of your leather clothing is proper storage.


1. Dust is the worst enemy of long films. Removed regularly Every time you put on or take off the leather, dust it off with a soft, clean cloth. The accumulation of dust will begin to act like sand. Especially when the two leather surfaces touch each other. This will dry out the skin. Then a small crack appeared. which turns into real cracks exposing the grains inside a natural process that accelerates the deterioration of the leather.

2. Any loose dirt or grime should be removed with a soft microfiber cloth. Or you can use a brush specially designed for leather.

3. Choose a soap that is formulated to preserve the natural oils in the leather. Some leather soaps are designed to remove natural oils. Saddle soap is available and is probably the most well-known leather soap and should be avoided when cleaning leather, clothing. Always test for discoloration in inconspicuous areas before using a new cleaner. Apply the soap to a washcloth and gently massage the skin in small, overlapping circles. Do not use soap directly on the skin, and avoid soaps that leave oily or greasy stains, as the residue can encourage bacterial growth and damage your skin. Use a leather brush to brush the welds and seams, always use a nubuck cloth to finish.

air conditioning

1. From time to time it is necessary to condition the leather. Every two months is a good schedule for things you use regularly. Nourishing the skin revives the natural fats and oils that protect and promote its natural softness. Avoid petroleum-based, wax-based, or silicone-based conditioners, as these types of conditions give the skin instant beauty. This will cause long-term damage due to dry or clogged skin. and tightens the natural pores and makes the skin brittle.

2. As with any cleaning product, test any reformulated product. Before applying to the skin in an inconspicuous area for color distortion.

3. As well as cleaning products, use your conditioner with a damp, oil-free cloth. Then gently rub the conditioner on the skin. Do not use the conditioner directly on the skin.

4. Multiple light applications take 30 minutes between applications, which is better than one large application.


1. Polishing is not necessary to extend the life of leather, although preparation for special occasions is often a preferred process.

2. Before applying varnish to the entire surface of the item, double check for color distortion.

3. Be careful when choosing a stain remover. And remember that some paints can scratch and stain other exposed surfaces.

4. Be aware that waxes and polishes can clog and dry out leather pores. And dry skin can cause it to crack.

to avoid

1. Most commercial leather protective gear is a moisture barrier. Although there are many leather goods that you will need to be waterproof, such as hiking shoes and winter boots. But most fashion items are better off not using commercial leather protective gear.

2. Heavy protectors can clog the leather’s natural pores. This can contribute to the drying out of the leather, plus the protective layer of the leather makes it very difficult to clean and condition the leather.

3. Be careful when choosing a protective film. Good products are sold. Don’t forget wax and silicone.

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