3 Tips For Choosing Your Cat Breeds

If you are a cat person, then you already know quite a lot about the general characteristics of these animals and you know exactly what it is that makes them different to, say, dogs. These pets are highly independent and yet quite loving and affectionate, and that specific combination of traits is what makes them so appealing. People love to have animals that are not that dependent on them but that still want to spend time with them, which is why cats are just purrfect! Read more about why felines are more independent than canines.

While cats are generally independent, that doesn’t mean that you should not take care of them the right way, but I am sure that you understand that. It just means that they won’t mind spending some time alone and that they generally know to fend for themselves. Yet, when you bring them to your home, they will be highly dependent on you when it comes to food and similar stuff. In short, you are the one who will need to keep them both happy and healthy.

You are most likely to assume such a responsibility, because you probably haven’t decided to get a cat on the spur of the moment. Instead, you’ve thought about it for a while and you’ve realized that you can invest the necessary effort into caring for this animal. You’ve also realized that it can be the perfect addition to your household, which is why you are eager to get a feline right away.

Yet, there is still one rather significant decision that you will have to make before actually bringing any of these animals home. In few words, you need to choose the right breed for you, since not all of them will fit your general lifestyle and not all of them will be perfect for you. It should go without saying that you should invest as much effort into choosing a cat as you would in choosing a dog. Sure, these animals are quite different, but there are breeds that are wrong for you and there are breeds that are right for you when it comes to both of these species.

I am sure that you get the importance of choosing the right breed, but here’s what the trouble might be. Simply said, you could be confused about how to choose the perfect breed for you and there is nothing weird about that. You could use different types of criteria when making this particular choice. For instance, you could search for the cutest cats and simply pick out one from the list, or you could start digging a bit deeper for information on their personalities in order to check if they would be a good fit.

While I am all for getting a cute feline, I would actually advise you to go down that second path that I’ve mentioned and use various different pieces of information to create the right picture of what the perfect cat for you would look like and behave like. This further means that you will need to invest quite some effort into the actual course of choosing the right feline for you and I’ll help you out with that. I will provide you with some relevant tips that could be helpful in that particular process.

  1. Check Your Budget

You might think that the price range of these animals is not that huge and that all of them will cost approximately the same, but that certainly isn’t correct. You can find some breeds that cost, say, $500, and then you can also find those that cost more than $100,000. And, no, you haven’t read that number wrong. So, before you even begin searching for the best breeds for you, make sure to determine your specific budget and decide how much you are ready to spend on these animals. Don’t forget to take into account the fact that you’ll have to spend money on these animals on a regular basis and how much you will spend depends on how much care they will need.

  1. Consider The Time You Have

Some felines are perfectly capable of being on their own for longer periods of time during the day, while others can get quite destructive if left alone. This is why you need to consider the actual time that you’ll be able to spend with your animal during the course of a day. If you have a larger family and someone is always at home, then you can easily get one of those cats that require a lot of attention and that don’t like being alone. On the other hand, if you live alone, you should be more careful when making this choice.

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  1. Consider The Feline’s Personality

This should undoubtedly go without saying, but let’s explain it anyway. Various breeds have different personalities and not all of those will be a good fit for you. Some are active, while others might be quite passive and that’s only one of the differences you should consider when making your choice. Additionally, you should also think about their friendliness and their general social skills, because you want to check if the cat you’re thinking of getting will get along with your kids or any pets that you might already have. The bottom line is that the personality of the feline plays a huge role in this decision.