5 Best Detective Games in Roblox

In essence, Roblox is a huge platform that enables users to play games made by others and create and publish their own games for others to play. One of the most popular games worldwide, Roblox has a special play and let play feature that really sets it apart. For your enjoyment, we’ll continue to go over the top detective games available on Roblox in 2022 in this article.

The Top 5 Roblox Detective Games

Below is a list of the top 5 detective and mystery games:

  1. Alone in a Dark House
  2. Dead Silence
  3. Mad City
  4. Wanted
  5. Nightmare Mine

Alone in a Dark House

It’s okay if multiplayer isn’t your thing. I recommend watching Alone in a Dark House as soon as possible. You put yourself in the role of a private investigator. It’s up to you to peer into the almost perpetually dark home that served as the scene of a terrible murder. You quickly come to the conclusion that something isn’t quite right in this circumstance and wish you had been a paranormal investigator.

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Dead Silence

Dead Silence is a simple murder mystery game that can be played by one player alone or in groups of up to four players, but it is most enjoyable when played alone.

A ventriloquist named Mary Shaw was murdered. She allegedly now stalks the nearby town. Is this a fact? Maybe. The door squeaked, but was it she or the wind? Both the game’s incredible immersion and its sound design are astounding.

Mad City

This game follows a similar idea to Jailbreak with its classic Cops and Robbers game, which allows you to start as a felon, villain, hero, or cop. In order to become criminals, users must first become prisoners and escape from jail before becoming criminals.

In addition to theft and prison breaks, felons can engage in a variety of other activities. There is also the option to play as a villain or a hero with the power to harm criminals and send them back to prison. A criminal can become a villain as soon as they take the crystal from a fallen hero. A ranking system is also used for earning XP in the game.


In Wanted, a game developed by JustDevv, players must decide between becoming a Mafioso or a federal agent, basically ripping off the Jailbreak concept of criminals and law enforcement. As a Mafioso, you will be able to commit numerous thefts in the game’s large city settings, or as a defender, you will be able to defend them against mobsters.

In this game, you can also play other roles, such as the mercenary, who earns money obtaining kills. The game already has a large selection of weapons, and it pays close attention to the surrounding area.

Nightmare Mine

In addition to being incredibly frightful, this game is jam-packed with intriguing brainteasers as well. Players want to play to move on to the next room but struggle to survive the hordes of zombie miners operating there.

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You can start playing and enjoying the top 5 list of some of the best detective games on Roblox in 2022.