5 simple and practical ways to extend the life of your laptop

Taking good care of your laptop is the most important factor in extending the life of your laptop. Instead of giving you hundreds of methods, I will summarize 5 simple and practical methods.

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Use on hard, flat surfaces Laptops are very compact computers. With minimal space left in the chassis for heat dissipation In most cases, warm air comes out from the sides and bottom of the laptop. Placing the laptop on a flat hard surface makes it easier for warm air to flow out of the bottom of the laptop. Some of us like to work from bed. Which is a very bad idea. Beds are usually made of wool and cotton. This causes warm air to get under the laptop and can cause serious overheating. Visit this how to change fn key settings windows 11 lenovo.

Use your laptop bag. Using a bad laptop is quite a necessity, especially for frequent travelers. The laptop bag is padded and padded to absorb shocks and scratches from the outside. A good quality laptop bag made of waterproof material will help protect your laptop if it gets caught in the rain. In the worst case scenario, if the laptop is accidentally dropped, a laptop bag will reduce the impact of drops and protect the laptop from breakage.

Use a laptop cooler Laptop coolers are simple devices. There is a cooling fan in the device to keep the laptop cool. A laptop cooler is located directly below the laptop and is powered by a USB port. A laptop cooler is an inexpensive device and a great solution to solve the problem of overheating. Another advantage is that with a laptop cooler you can create a smooth hard surface for your laptop. When working on soft surfaces such as a bed

Turn off the switch when not in use. Laptops are not designed to work for long periods of time. Unlike PC, we can leave it for PC for a few weeks to download your videos. But laptops are different cases. Overheating is the biggest problem with any laptop. Turn off the machine Another option is to force the laptop’s power plan. Suppose the laptop turns off the hard drive after an X period of inactivity. After X+Y inactivity, the laptop will enter Standby/Sleep mode.

Food and drink prohibition Avoid eating and drinking near the laptop. Food particles from the keyboard slide directly into the laptop’s internal components. Dirty laptops attract insects to nest in your laptop. A spilled drink can seriously damage all your components in the laptop. This is because liquids can short out the motherboard, hard drive, and processor, causing you to experience data loss and permanent failure of your core components.

Here are 5 easy and practical ways to protect and extend the life of your laptop. Not to mention that cool notebooks run faster than overheated ones.

Many people invest a lot of time and money in laptops. But don’t forget to protect your investment with a high quality laptop bag. The advantage of a laptop over a desktop computer is the portability that laptops offer the user. You can take your laptop with you on the plane, in the metro, in the car, in the doctor’s office. Go to work and home seamlessly Portability comes at a price. And that is learning to protect your laptop while traveling. This is a simple method. This should be done with enough time and research to choose the perfect laptop bag.

If you choose the wrong bag, you not only risk damaging your laptop. But there may also be some issues that you encounter without realizing it as a potential problem. You need a padded shoulder strap. Different, after carrying the laptop bag on the shoulder for a long time. The sheet also tends to dig into your shoulders. This can be quite inconvenient. Especially if you’re trying to run to catch a train or make sure you fly on time. Another example is if you tend to carry extra items such as folders, small electronic devices, magazines, notebooks, CDs, etc. Surface. And the amount of space allocated for additional storage space, you may face this issue. Without proper research, these minor issues can become a daily nightmare every time you use a new laptop bag.

Your laptop bag must be durable. and must withstand minor impacts or spills. How good is a laptop bag if there is a small incident that causes it to break? All your stuff has been spilled. Laptop included If a laptop is heavy, there is a good chance that the hard drive will not survive an accident. One way to avoid this potential disaster is to buy a leather bag.