Age of Empires IV

There hasn’t been much talk concerning Age of Empires IV since it was announced in the year 2017 however, we finally have an overview of the game that includes two civilizations: the Mongols along with the Delhi Sultanate as playable civilizations. Microsoft as well as developer Relic Entertainment showed off a large number of game footage and new features and other civilizations that are that will be added to the series during the form of a “Fan Preview” event. The game will also have an official release date: the fall of 2021.

The final game in the long-running, historical strategy game was released in the year 2005 and the new game is expected to improve on the formula developed by previous games as well as introducing features that were that were made possible by around 15 years of technological advances. This includes everything from the obvious such as 4K and HDR and more strategic game-centric enhancements including new pathfinding features that can accommodate a lot of units.

According to the group behind the game the game will feature eight civilizations within the initial launch in the first game. We’ve only learned four of them which include that the Delhi Sultanate are making their debut during Age of Empires as well as the Mongols (who have received an upgrade), Chinese and English will also be back. As of now, there hasn’t been much details on the distinctive capabilities and features of each of the civilizations. We did however get to know how there is a possibility that the Delhi Sultanate will include elephant units and Mongols are able to pack and move their cities and structures (which is awe-inspiring to witness the action). You can always read about Know Your Player for more info.

In the course of the Q&A, Relic talked a great deal about creating asymmetry in civilizations. Relic determined that each one played in a different way in the game, with randomly generated maps being able to play to the strengths of different civilizations and weaknesses. For instance, a large-open map could be beneficial to the Mongols because of their mobile units and towns however, a map with many chokepoints may help the defensive-oriented English. There will remain similar types of units but the designers were keen to ensure that players can change the style of play at any time and even become a part of a specific civilization if they like the game’s mechanics.

Game’s designers also spoke about the development of campaigns which function like a story mode within Age of Empires. They announced that there would be four campaigns included in the game, but they only revealed specifics about one of them which is the Norman conquer. I’m not a huge historian to know much about this but it does seem like the game is trying to impart knowledge to me something new. The team discussed extensively the fact that games will contain documentary footage and narration on the real-life historical events will be played through.

It will feature several new mechanics. The studio has shown off an interesting option called stealth force which lets players create ambushes in which enemies won’t be able see their troops huddled and waiting. The developers believe will not only bring excitement and tension to the game, but also provide the motivation to keep your the scout troops around, since you’ll have to ensure there’s not an entire army hiding in your path.

The event also showcased wall combat, in which units could fight in front of and against castle walls and siege mechanics, in which a base could be surrounded with units , and as the name suggests – siege weapons. These two techniques will help make the process of raiding and defense more efficient. We also had a quick glimpse of a wololo with an area-of effect which is a fascinating concept for those who love Age of Empires and memes too.

Fans of earlier entries in the series also have plenty to be looking forward to. The creators discussed Age of Empires IV as a spiritual successor of Age of Empires II and continuing to incorporate aspects that were present in III, such as the introduction of choice to the old-fashioned mechanics. The Ultimate Edition of Age of Empires II and III will also receive upgrades.

Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition will be getting the second edition named Dawn of Dukes, which will be focused specifically on Eastern Europe. Co-op is also coming to the game later in the coming year. This will let you experience certain campaigns as well as battle with your buddies.

Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition will see The United States added as a civilization in an update. It’s clever, as the update will be available for free if you go through a challenge, however those who do not want to take on the task can purchase it through Steam as well as through the Microsoft Store. The announcement also stated that the initial AoE III The Final Edition expansion is currently being worked on and will be based on African civilizations.

As someone who spent thousands of hours in Age of Empires II I’m very excited about the technological advancements coming to Age of Empires IV. However, of course I’d like to know more information, particularly after such a long time after the news. What other cultures will we be able to experience? What are the plans for future expansions? Do we expect enjoyable cheating codes? The answers to these questions are not available currently, but it looks like it’s not going to be an entire years before we learn. I’m looking forward to discovering that I’ve forgotten everything about how to play and then being smashed by an AI that is easy to beat when it is released.

Age of Empires IV will be available for Windows 10 PCs through Steam as well as the Microsoft Store and Xbox Game Pass for PC by the fall of 2021.