Answer questions from A to Z about handicaps in sports betting

There are countless sports bets these days, as well as other types of bets on 22Bet Ghana. You’ve heard about handicap ¼ but you don’t understand what kind of bet this is? Why is the term “handicap” so popular and frequently used?

                       Answer the question: What is 1/4 odds?

Handicap ¼ is the question of how many people search. Handicap ¼ is a type of bet in Asian markets. Asian betting is also known as handicap betting. This type of bet was created to create a balance between the two participating teams. Because in every sports match, not every match between the two teams has the same strength, but there will be matches where there is a difference between the two teams to a certain extent.

The Asian handicap is the most basic and common type. There are quite a lot of “players” participating, choosing to bet. The upper-division team is considered to have a higher ability to win. In contrast, the door team is a team with a weaker strength.

The purpose of the Asian handicap or the ¼ handicap is generally with the main purpose of creating fairness in the match as well as in sports betting. The 1/4 handicap is a type of bet in which you can understand that the top team will accept the bottom half of the winnings.

Bettors will win money if the top team scores a goal difference of 1 or more goals. If you draw or lose, of course you will lose your entire bet. Similarly, if you bet on the bottom team, if it’s a tie, you will receive ¼ of your bet.

                                   What is a handicap?

Currently, there are quite a few types of Asian handicap betting ¼ to mention, such as: handicap ¼, handicap 1 ¼, handicap 2 ¼…

0.25 handicap

Handicap ¼ is also known as a 0.25 left-handicap. This is a type of bet when the two teams are quite similar in strength. This type of handicap has no draw, only win or lose. For an example to make it easier for you to understand, you can refer to the following possible cases of bets:

  • If the player chooses to bet on the above. In the end, if the team above wins the match or the half that the player bets on, you will win.
  • If you place a bet on the underdog, if the underdog wins, you get the entire bonus.
  • In the event that the two teams tie, the upper hand will lose 0.25 of the bet and the lower bet will win 0.25 of the bet.
  • If you bet on the top team with an amount of 100$, you have lost because the two teams are tied. You will lose the bet amount of 25$ and get back 75$ (in case the bookie divides the payout ratio with a ratio of 1). However, in reality, the bookmakers will take a different rate. You just need to take the bet amount. (Multiply by 0.25 and multiply by the odds to get your lost bet).
  • In case you also bet 100$ on the bottom team, you will receive a winning amount of 25$.

Handicap 1.25 (1 1/4)

In this type of handicap, it is similar to the handicap ¼ ie the upper hand handicap team 1 left and ¼. To make it easier to understand, you can understand it as follows:

What is a 1 ¼ handicap?

In the event that the upper hand team wins by 2 goals compared to the lower hand team, the upper hand bettor wins and receives a 100% bonus. If the top team wins by more than 2 goals, the top team will win the bet and vice versa.

If the top team wins by only 1 goal, the player betting on the top team loses 0.25 of their bet and the underdog wins 0.25 of the bet.

In the event that both teams tie or the bottom team even wins, the top team loses completely and the bottom team eats all the bets.

Handicap 2.25 (2 1/4)

Similar to the 1 ¼ handicap, the 2 ¼ handicap bet must have a 3 goal margin of goals for the top betor to win the entire bet.

What is the handicap of 2 ¼? How is it calculated?

Handicap betting guide for newbies 

For newbies, if you do not know how to play, choosing a reputable bookie is the most important thing. In addition, before participating in handicap betting, you also need to find out information from the two teams playing. Here is some information to keep in mind to be able to bet on handicap ¼ to win big:

  • The team with the expected lineup to focus on the attack, especially if it is the home team and the lower team has an unappreciated defensive formation, has a fragrant ¼ handicap for the home team.
  • Players who are not sure about the type of bet can refer to the forums for the confrontation history of the two teams. Or even watch the first half of the match and only bet on the second half.
  • Normally, if there is a handicap, the player should choose the home team to win. Because the home team knows the weather, climate as well as the pitch, the spirit is always comfortable.
  • The selection of the away team at the bottom for handicap bets ¼ normally the win rate will not be high, so players who feel uncertain can skip this match.

Hopefully, this article will help you answer your questions and win big when participating in handicap bets at a reputable bookie.