Best Places to Reside in South Carolina


No rundown of the best places to reside in South Carolina is finished without Charleston. In addition to the fact that charleston is quite possibly of the best city in South Carolina, but on the other hand it’s a foodie objective for individuals the country over. Albeit the city has the state’s biggest populace, it gets inhabitants a nostalgic, enchanting energy. Interesting homes and cobblestone roads meet up with wonderful climate, because of Charleston’s situation on a landmass, offering inhabitants all year tomfoolery and diversion. You’ll have simple admittance to sea shores inside a 20-minute drive of the city, as well.


Is it true that you are searching for an exemplary school town? Enter Clemson, home of Clemson College, which has vertically of 25,000 understudies going to the establishment. The college and town are interlaced, however college understudies coexist well with the local area. The college is additionally the biggest manager nearby. With a typical drive season of less than 20 minutes for Clemson inhabitants, this city offers a captivating area for understudies and youthful experts the same.


Make a beeline for Columbia for another area attached to scholastic life. South Carolina’s capital city is likewise home to the College of South Carolina, and the leader grounds traverses the region while contributing billions of dollars to the neighborhood economy. Whether you’re selecting as a USC understudy or searching for life in a school town, school football is ruler here. Occupants of Columbia and the state overall love the USC Gamecocks. You’ll need to fight with some traffic with football match-up jams in the southern portion of Columbia on game days, however in any case, the city offers short drives. The typical drive is something like 15 minutes.


You’ll track down Greenville at the foundation of the Blue Edge Mountains, and it’s an incredible spot to live if you have any desire to encircle yourself with nature. You don’t need to forfeit the culinary and shopping prospects you’d get in a major city all things considered. Southern friendliness meets up with global appeal thanks to Greenville’s material assembling history. The business pulled in dealers and understudies from across the globe before, making Greenville’s proceeded with dynamic environment. Large companies, for example, Michelin and GE Power move the Greenville economy along today. Occupants can regularly partake in a normal drive of less than 20 minutes here. All that action meets up to make Greenville one of the most outstanding spots to live in South Carolina.


Assuming that you’re searching for a home in South Carolina that offers a humble community feel, you can’t turn out badly with Lexington. The town’s glad history traces all the way back to the mid-late 1800s when Lexington worked as a discount retail market. Today, you can detect these roots through the town’s obligation to independent ventures. The curious local area makes shopping nearby a breeze thanks to a combination of family-claimed, mother and-pop stores. Lexington’s Old Plant gives understanding into the town’s past, and 20 neighborhood organizations currently call the previous site of Lexington’s material factory home. Lake Murray is a feature here, as occupants appreciate fishing, sailing, water sports, and lakeside living all on its 50,000 sections of land of land and 650 miles of coastline.

Mount Wonderful

Mount Wonderful unquestionably positions among the best networks in South Carolina. The seaside suburb radiates a laid-back air, all without forfeiting simple admittance to conveniences. Travel 2.7 miles through the Cooper Waterway Extension, and you’re in Charleston. However, you don’t need to leave Mount Lovely for the sake of entertainment. Two of South Carolina’s best sea shores sit on one side of the suburb, while a flourishing midtown region quickens the opposite side. In spite of the fact that you’ll probably find higher land costs here than in different regions, occupants partake in a high normal compensation. Mount Charming is likewise known for being home to an exceptionally instructed populace.

Myrtle Ocean side

Would you like to feel like you’re an extended get-away consistently? Myrtle Ocean side is perhaps of the best city in South Carolina for that. You’ll find this town situated on the Atlantic shore. While tall building lodgings, fairways, and event congregations affirm that Myrtle Ocean side is a hotel town, it’s likewise a tomfoolery spot to call home. Fourteen separate networks make up what’s known as Myrtle Ocean side, so you’re certain to track down a spot that finds a place with the way of life you hunger for. You can likewise anticipate a for the most part minimal expense of living around here and, obviously, every minute of every day admittance to the ocean side.

Rock Slope

Assuming that you’re into human expression, Rock Slope offers one of the most mind-blowing spots to live in South Carolina. You’ll find a flourishing craftsmanship local area that sparkles innovativeness any place you go — also helping the nearby economy. Go to Downtown Shake Slope, named the principal social region in the state, to investigate a scope of craftsmanship schools, craftsman studios, displays, historical centers, and theaters. Paintings and models enrich the roads and allow you ceaselessly to draw in with workmanship every day. The city conveys various culinary contributions as well. Where are the best places to reside in South Carolina? The response will rely upon definitively what you’re searching for in your new home. South Carolina genuinely has something for everybody, from city life in memorable Charleston to modest community flows in different towns all through the state. With such countless spots to reside in South Carolina, you’re certain to find an engaging spot to experience regardless of what you’re chasing.