Blocklords – A New Upcoming Game

Blockchain gaming is still a relatively new concept, but it has begun to get serious traction not just in niche gaming communities but in the mainstream. Blocklords is one of the first fully immersive multiplayer strategy games built on this new technology. Read on to find out what every gamer needs to know about Blocklords and what helps it stand out from the pack.

What Is Blockchain Gaming?

Before discussing how Blocklords creates an opportunity for strategy gaming on the blockchain, it’s worth taking a moment to make sure everyone is caught up. Let’s start at the beginning with a basic definition: blockchain games are video games that use elements of cryptography-based blockchain technologies such as those that underlie cryptocurrencies and NFTs

Some people refer to blockchain games as “play-to-pay” systems, but that’s a reductionist view that is quickly falling by the wayside thanks to innovative new game designs. While it’s true that the first wave of blockchain games could feel like they were focused on extracting value from players, that’s starting to change.

Blocklords: Created By Gamers

Blocklords is a strategy mmo developed by gamers for gamers, so it only makes good sense that it would offer a better playing experience. Instead of focusing on deriving value from the game, Blocklords empowers players, giving everyone full ownership of his or her assets held on the blockchain. This crucial decision has created an ever-evolving world that’s driven not by the developers’ whims but by the players’ unique decisions, making it a truly collaborative experience.

Create Your Own Adventures

Every Blocklords player shares the same medieval virtual universe, but instead of following the same storylines, players can craft their own unique adventures. There are many playstyles for every type of gamer, all of which offer full freedom to shape the shared worlds. Players can earn assets by farming, fighting, or ruling, and each of their decisions has a direct impact on the open economy. 

For those who are used to traditional MMOs, it’s important to note that Blocklords is different. Gamers can alter not just the path they take as the game progresses but also the gaming universe itself. Players can master abilities, build skills, and craft powerful items that the players themselves then own. By creating their own heroes and communities, players forge not just in-game legacies but also powerful shared experiences.

The Future of Strategy MMOs?

As the first web3-based MMO game, Blocklords is set to revolutionize how people think about strategy games more generally. It offers not just a fully immersive experience but also a far greater level of control over not just personal expression but also unique narratives crafted within its shared universe. 

Blocklords has yet to be released, but the game already has plenty of positive press plus an impressive trailer. Any gamer interested in strategy games, MMOs, or immersive world-building should head over to the company’s website to check out the information that’s been released so far and sign up for updates from the studio. It’s time to get ready for this amazing game’s upcoming release.