Cannabis E-liquid: What It Is

Cannabis is available in various consumable forms, including e-liquids or vape juice consumed via vaping. Eliquids feature prominently among the most popular cannabis products; statistics show that 8.1 million American adults use cannabis e-liquids to enjoy cannabis’ effects.

However, they remain an enigma despite their overwhelming popularity, given the numerous questions potential consumers have regarding such products.  The questions revolve around topics like what is CBD e-liquid, its constituent ingredients, legal status, and safety factor. If you are curious about cannabis e-liquids, you have come to the right place, so keep reading to learn from this e-liquid beginner’s guide.

What Are Cannabis E-liquids

Cannabis e-liquids or vape juices are liquids consumed using vaporizer gadgets like vape pens, mods, and pods, delivering cannabinoids directly into the bloodstream. They contain different cannabis cannabinoid extracts like delta-9 THC, CBD, and delta-8 THC, among others, as their primary ingredients.

However, besides the primary ingredients, they also feature secondary ingredients that facilitate cannabinoid vaporization. Below is a highlight of cannabis e-liquid constituent components.

Cannabinoid Extracts

Cannabinoid extracts are hemp and marijuana plant extracts featuring active compounds like delta-9 THC, CBD, delta-8 THC, delta-10 THC, HHC, and THCO. Different cannabinoids have varying properties, causing unique effects, including psychoactive “high” and therapeutic benefits.

An e-liquid may contain one or multiple cannabinoids; however, in the case of numerous cannabinoids, one is dominant and delivers specific effects. The cannabinoid content and potency variations depend on the manufacturer and the cannabinoid type because some cannabinoids have more potent effects than others.

Propylene Glycol (PG)

PG is an FDA-approved, food-grade liquid that functions as a base in cannabis -e-liquids. It acts as a humectant in the vape juice, absorbing and retaining the moisture necessary for vapor production. Moreover, it also lowers the moisture content’s freezing point, preventing the vape liquid from freezing.

Besides moisture, PG has a potent solvent action and dissolves flavor, helping to enhance flavor production during vaping. The base liquid is colorless and flavorless; hence, it does alter the e-liquid taste.

Vegetable Glycerin (VG)

Vegetable glycerin is a clear, odorless liquid with a sweet taste and syrupy consistency approved for use By the FDA as a food-grade humectant. Second, it also improves solubility between water-based and oil-based solutions helping fuse all e-liquid ingredients together. 

VG’s syrupy consistency makes it produce dense clouds when vaporized. Therefore, e-liquids with a high VG consistency are ideal for cloud production, while those with a higher PG consistency facilitate enhanced vapor production. The VG: PG ratios in the e-liquids available range from 50:50 to 80:20.


The water content in vape juice results from PG’s and VG’s humectant properties. However, it functions as a diluent used to reduce the density of other secondary ingredients, improving their wicking properties. Moreover, the water content in cannabis vapes helps facilitate vapor production.


E-liquids are available in thousands of flavors crafted to satisfy diverse customer palates. Vape juice manufacturers may use artificial flavoring agents or natural plant terpenes and juices to infuse flavor into the vape juice.

Cannabis E-liquids Advantages

Cannabis is available in multiple consumable forms, including edibles, smokables, oils, tinctures, capsules, softgels, and concentrates. However, cannabis e-liquids have the following advantages over the above products.

First, orally consumed cannabis products pass through the digestive tract, meaning you have to wait at least 30 minutes before their effects kick in and even longer for them to the peak. In contrast, e-liquids consumed via inhalation kick in within five minutes and peak within 20 minutes. The inhaled e-liquid vapor gets carried into the lungs for direct absorption into the bloodstream within minutes.

Second, cannabis e-liquids have a higher bioavailability than orally-consumed cannabis products. A chemical substance’s bioavailability refers to the ratio of the substance consumed that makes it to the site of action. Orally consumed cannabis products lose some cannabinoid content to the digestive tract, leaving a lower active compound ratio for absorption into the bloodstream.

Although smoked cannabis products also utilize inhalation delivery, one study established that vaping e-liquids are 95% safer than smoking. Moreover, e-liquids are cheaper than cannabis smoking accessories.

Are Cannabis E-liquids and Vaping Oils Similar?

Some people and online sources may refer to cannabis e-liquids as vaping oils. However, the reference is erroneous because cannabis e-liquids and cannabis oils are different products.

Cannabis e-liquids feature the components highlighted above, while cannabis oils feature cannabinoids infused into carrier oils. Moreover, you cannot vape cannabis oils because they lack the humectant property necessary for vapor production and feature a dense consistency that will clog vaping devices.

What Is The Ideal Cannabis E-liquid Dose? 

Standardized cannabis e-liquid doses do not exist because different cannabinoids have different effects at similar doses. For instance, you cannot compare a 5mg THC dose with a 5mg CBD dose.

Second, cannabinoids cause individual-specific effects, depending on age, body composition, pharmacokinetics, and tolerance to the cannabinoid. Moreover, the cannabis industry is highly unregulated, meaning that a 5mg dose’s potency by one brand may not measure up to the same dose on a similar product by another brand. 

Therefore, the key is to start low and go slow on the dosage. Fortunately, e-liquid dosage consumption is easy to monitor because the effects kick in and peak fast.


Cannabis e-liquids provide a fast and effective way to consume cannabinoids. Armed with the consumer information above, you can shop for cannabis e-liquids that are safe but meet your needs.