Cardboard packaging boxes and their types

There are several types of cardboard boxes in this article we will discuss the several types of cardboard boxes and their uses.

Single wall cardboard packaging boxes

 As the protective layer, these boxes are made from a single sheet of corrugated cardboard, which makes them strong and reliable to handle many customers’ needs. We offer this product at a standard price because of its attractive wholesale pricing. This is a standard product, with a standard construction, and with a standard price.

In what way do the boxes differ from each other?

For convenience, we deliver our corrugated boxes flat-packed for easy storage in a durable four-flap design. Using a tape dispenser, you can easily create the box by securing the bottom and top flaps with one of our many packing tapes. Every single wall carton can be identified by its brown exterior and matching brown interior. Multi scored boxes can be identified by their brown exterior and matching brown interior. If you remove the existing slots between each flap and fold along the pre-scored crease, you can decrease the depth of your carton down to a pre-scored dimension. In the table, multiple score depths, if applicable, are always placed inside a box. Furthermore, some flaps have our logo, bar codes, and size references printed on them. These boxes are listed in the product table according to their internal dimensions, which are listed from largest to smallest to highest.

Can they be considered environmentally friendly?

About 60% to 90% of the raw material of a box made of recycled cardboard is recycled, making it one of the most easily recyclable materials. Fill the perfect plastic-free packaging with ecological void fill and seal with one of our paper tapes. We use only plant-based materials in these single wall cardboard boxes. 

Why do corrugated boxes exist?

Boxes can be used for domestic or professional purposes thanks to the wide variety of sizes available. Regardless of whether they’re being packaged ready for shipping or used for long-term storage, these cardboard containers are a cost-effective and versatile solution. Cardboard boxes have the versatility and universality to be suitable for a wide range of varied applications in different industries.

Double-walling cardboard packaging boxes

Dual-wall cardboard provides twice the strength and protection of single-wall cardboard due to its dual layer of corrugated material. In shipping or transporting items, compression forces, which are unavoidable, have to be endured by the layers glued together. You can be assured that your parcels will arrive in excellent condition thanks to the advanced construction.

In what varieties can you find these products?

To make sure your product is reliably packaged, we offer a variety of sizes to suit a variety of industries. In addition to double-walled cardboard carts, you can also use postal boxes or carriers with double walls to ship goods. Thus, we can meet the needs of most businesses by providing a wide range of sizes.

For what purpose do they serve?

Boxes made from cardboard have nearly endless uses, and the second layer of corrugated material allows for even greater versatility. As well as firms that post multiple items in large quantities, this is ideal for heavier objects that may not be able to be safely transported in single walled cartons. 

In addition to the extra protection provided by the double corrugated layers, these boxes can also be stacked safely without crushing surrounding parcels by the weight of the other boxes. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you believe your products are extremely heavy and we can recommend a suitable packaging solution to you. Our export and pallet boxes are designed especially to handle heavier products.

What is the environmental impact of cardboard boxes?

Cardboard is one of the most widely recycled products in the world, which is why CCP’s double walled storage boxes contain up to 90% recycled content. As such, the shipping boxes of your company are built to conform to the circular economy, which will have a positive impact on the environment. Further, the heavy-duty design prevents breakages, thus reducing resource consumption, avoiding reshipping, and helping to reduce overall waste.

Is it possible to purchase wholesale double walled cardboard boxes?

Customers requiring large quantities of double-layer corrugated boxes from custom cardboard Packaging may take advantage of competitive bulk pricing. Learn more about our attractive wholesale offers by contacting our customer service team via Live Chat or telephone or accessing our intuitive customer interface. 

A white cardboard packaging box

Due to their highly presentable and eye-catching finishes, these chairs are ideal for a variety of industries. Having a well-designed package that represents the quality of products is important to many businesses. A packaging must represent both the quality of goods and the company branding.

You can choose from single or double wall boxes; our larger, double wall boxes are made of sturdy cardboard and feature a single layer. In order to increase the strength of the product, the outer paper of R flute boxes is reinforced to make it more environmentally friendly. This makes the boards stronger compared with other board grades. Up to 90% of the material is recycled. A full 100% of the material can be reused again.

Boxes are delivered flat so that the top and bottom flaps can be taped together to make them easier to handle and store. If you prefer a more presentable finish, choose branded packaging tape or clear packaging tape. Inside each box there is a brown interior that can be filled with voids, bubbles, paper, or colored tissue paper. We will print our logo, a barcode, and product code on the small inner flap of some boxes if they are branded.

Carton wardrobes made of cardboard

No matter if you’re moving home, storing possessions for the winter, or getting rid of things in the course of your job, wardrobe boxes are a great investment. Regardless of the size of your wardrobe, it is essential to pack clothing items with care, no matter how compact your collection is. To transport clothes in a safe and convenient manner, wardrobe cartons and clothing boxes are a great idea, so you do not have to worry about a lot of ironing at the other end of the process.

Compared to regular cardboard customized boxes for moving, how do clothes moving boxes differ? With wardrobe cartons, clothes can be stored upright unlike with moving boxes. In conjunction with the carton’s double-walled cardboard shell, everything you need to transport your product will be available to you. 

Boxes that are extra strong

For heavy, oversized goods as well as maximum protection, we manufacture the strongest, sturdiest corrugated boxes. The outer packaging must be strong, reliable and robust to ensure that heavy goods, items in the supply chain that are likely to be damaged, and items with a high value do not get damaged. Among the sizes are automotive parts, engineering equipment, electronic components, gymnastic and car parts, mechanical parts, plumbing supplies, and a vast array of other items. Our heavy duty cardboard boxes are more than capable of providing the right amount of protection, given the high value of goods shipped within this type of custom cardboard box.

After intensive research and development, we have heavy duty cardboard boxes to our range. Additionally, these boxes have been thoroughly evaluated to make sure they are designed to protect valuable or heavy items.

The new heavy duty cartons from our company are becoming a more desirable choice for companies exporting goods overseas, particularly those that previously preferred triple wall corrugated cartons for packing. These extra heavy duty boxes are cheaper than triple wall cartons, as they are made of heavyweight board and have a number of fluting combinations.

Test procedures that are stringent

When it comes to the technical make-up and performance of these cartons, it is essential that customers understand them. The product table above summarizes the key technical specifications and by clicking on the ‘more info’ tab you can access even more in-depth and relevant facts. Among them are important performance figures:

  • The maximum load is the maximum weight the box can support without the sides buckling.
  • A board’s strength is measured by a top-to-bottom edge crush test. A board’s tolerance to crushing is determined by its construction. In laboratories, corrugated board samples are tested for tensile strength by cross-directional compression.
  • Using the Box Compression Test (BCT), we determine whether a box is stackable and how well it can resist compression. When compacted, a corrugated box can withstand maximum forces and pile well when stored and transported.

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