Creating an essay in 30 minutes or less is possible.

Essay Preparation

The essay should be planned out for 10 minutes.

An outline should take no more than 10 minutes before you begin writing. This may seem like a lot of work, but it will save you from having to revise or reorganise your essay once you begin writing. If you are looking for professional writer service, please visit our website.

The essay question should be studied in detail.

It is probable that the essay will begin with some kind of query or prompt (such as a quotation with a question). Reading the question thoroughly and completely comprehending what it asks of you is essential. As an example, you may be given the following phrase as a prompt: “Time keeps a doomsday book in which he records the names of famous people.” When a new name is added, an old one gets wiped away. Only a few of people remain as “illuminated characters that cannot be erased.””” “Are there any heroes who will be remembered forever?” may be a question related to the prompt. Assuming this is the case, are heroes bound to fade away? Write an essay expressing your thoughts on the subject matter. Use particular instances to back up your argument. Examples from your own experiences, knowledge of areas such as history and literature might be used to illustrate your point. We can provide expert writing services for you.

Your thesis statement should be the focus of your brainstorming.

When writing a paper, you must include a thesis statement that explains your main ideas or arguments. In order to address the question, “What is this paper about?” your introduction should provide a route map. Take a stance and state your opinion on the subject.

When brainstorming the Longfellow quote/question, you may think of instances of people who have behaved as heroes to you or others, such as your family members or friends. Consider a historical person who has been underappreciated or underapplauded for his or her accomplishments. This essay topic asks for both sides of the debate, both the forgotten hero and the remembered hero, to be presented. Discuss both perspectives and pick one side to support or oppose in your thesis. There are many historical figures who faced resistance and problems throughout their lives, such as Susan B. Anthony, the suffragette. Anita fought persistently for decades for women’s voting rights and was often criticised by the government and members of her own group. When she was alive, she wasn’t widely acknowledged as a pioneer, but she is today revered as a hero in the history books. Your thesis statement should include a reference to the essay prompt’s quote if at all feasible. “Though Longfellow contends that names, or heroes, may be forgotten over time, one historical person, Susan B. Anthony, was mocked in her day for her ideas but is now recognised as a hero of her time,” might be a thesis statement for this essay.