Difference between 24k gold and 21k Gold jewellery

 Difference between 24k gold and 21k Gold jewellery

If you love wearing gold necklaces or earrings, chances are you have heard of 24k gold and 21k God jewelry. But do you know the difference between the two? Which one is better than the other? 

In this blog post, I’ll be sharing the difference between 24k gold and 21k Gold jewellery and getting to know which one is better than the other. 

Gold jewelry is highly valued in Singapore, and many women love to wear gold necklace and earrings, which has led to many jewelry shops. 

When shopping for gold jewellery, it is important to know which is either 22k or 24k. If it is your first to shopping for gold jewellery, consider this as a guide to understanding the difference between 22k and 24k gold jewellery what to look out for when shopping. 

Here we’ll look for the feature of each type of gold and later does a comparison for better understanding the difference between these popular gold used to make jewelry.  

What is Karat or K stand for?

When we go to buy gold, we often come across terms like karat or the k suffix. To comprehend the distinction between 22K and 24K, one must first comprehend the meaning of K, which is karat.

The higher the karat value, the purer the gold, and it is rated on a scale of 0 to 24. Other metals such as copper, nickel, silver, and palladium are added to enrich the composition and manufacture gold jewelry.

24K Gold Features

Whenever you would like to buy 24k gold jewellery, you need to look for specific features. You need to know 24k gold is the purest gold. 

Gold that has not been interfered with in any way is known as pure gold. “24 Karat gold” is another word for “100% gold.” 24K gold is the purest kind of gold. It has a gold content of 99.99 percent.

You might be asking why it isn’t 100 percent pure, despite being the purest kind of gold. Because 100 percent gold is too fragile to sustain its shape or form at room temperature, this is the case.

As a result, the ore is treated until it achieves a purity level of 99.99 percent after it is removed. Gold isn’t utilized for jewelry or religious goods because it’s so delicate especially for small items such as earrings.

It’s mostly employed in the manufacture of gold coins and bars. 24K gold has a distinct golden tint when compared to the milder karats.

22Karat Gold Features 

If you’re looking to buy 22k gold jewelry, there are a few things to check for. 22k gold contains 22 parts gold and two parts other metals such as copper and zinc. Because it contains 91.67 percent pure gold, this karat is often known as “916 gold.”

As a result of the use of these metals and alloys, the texture of the jewelry is harder, more durable, and scratch-resistant. Nevertheless, keep in mind that 22K gold can only be utilized to make simple gold jewellery such as gold necklace.

When it comes to jewellery, 22K gold is preferred. As a result, most individuals choose 22K gold over 24K gold due to its better resale value. It’s also a great idea to verify if a gold coin is hallmarked in addition to its purity.

Difference between 24K Gold and 22K Gold

After looking at 22k and 24k gold features, let look at the key difference between 24K gold and 22K gold. 


22K and 24k gold differ in terms of purity. 24K is 99.9 percent pure, while 22K represents around 91 percent pure gold, with the remaining 9 percent made up of other metals such as copper, silver, zinc, etc.


Another difference between 22k and 24k is durability. Whereas 24K gold has a bright color, its jewelry will not be as durable as 22K gold jewelry.  24K gold is too soft to withstand wear and tear. The presence of additional metals in 22K gold contributes to the durability of the jewelry.


The other key difference between costs is that 24k gold is the purest gold; thus, it is more expensive than 22k. This also affects the gold jewelry made using 24k as they are more expansive in the market than others made using other types of gold. 


 These two gold measurements can be found in jewellery; however, there are some distinctions in how they are employed between the three. Because 24K and 22K contain so much pure gold, they are far too soft to be used in jewellery such as necklaces for women.

They’re frequently mixed with other metals to make jewellery alloys. In general, the purer the gold, the fewer other metals are present in the alloy. Hence only 24K gold jewellery can be legally referred to as “pure gold.” 

In addition, 24K gold is more commonly found in gold bullion (bars, coins, and ingots) than 22K gold, which does not match the purity requirements for the finest bullion.

Comparison difference between 24K and 22K Gold

24K Gold22K Gold
It contains 99% of goldIt contains 91.67% gold
Too soft to make any jewellery; thus, suited for investment purposesHarder and more durable due to the presence of other metals in it
Medical and electrical devices are some of the applications of the pure gold 24KUsed in making jewellery and coins
Highest price amongst other karatsLess expensive than 24K

24K gold or 22K gold- Which one should I go for?

If you’re looking for an investment, a 24K gold coin/bar is a good choice. That’s because a 22K gold coin/bar will not sell for the same price as a 24K gold coin/bar. After all, the latter contains 99.9% pure gold.

But, if you are purchasing gold for jewellery, go for 22K gold because it can endure wear and tear better than 24K gold and contains the most gold in jewellery form which you can purchase them via jewellery shops.

Should I buy 22k gold or 24k gold as an investment?

If you want to buy gold as an investment, an emergency fund, or even for portfolio diversity, go for 24K gold. 24K gold is 99.9% pure gold, while 22K gold is 91.7 per cent pure. 

Always search for a hallmark certification when purchasing a 24K gold coin/bar to confirm its purity. It is preferable to purchase gold from a BIS hallmarked jeweller to receive the current market value of gold when you sell it.

By Michael Caine

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