How To Get Repeat Bookings From Airbnb?

Turning your property into a rental on Airbnb can be a rewarding experience. With it, you will have the chance to take advantage of unused space and generate an ongoing income by providing visitors with cosy lodgings paired with personalised service.

The key to maximising your Airbnb investment is to attract repeat bookings from guests. There are many simple strategies you can adopt to ensure that guests return to book your accommodation again and again. From providing exceptional customer service to offering special amenities, there is a lot to offer.

1. Determine Your Unique Selling Point (USP)

What makes your rental stand out from the rest? It could be a unique location, highest quality furnishing for your airbnb property, an interesting feature, or outstanding amenities like a pool or hot tub. Put yourself in the shoes of your guests and highlight what sets your rental apart from all others. Moreover, ensure that your listing accurately reflects the features and amenities of your rental.

2. Provide a Great Customer Experience

One of the best strategies for gaining repeat customers is to give them top-notch service during their stay and make them feel like a VIP. Make sure to be responsive and helpful to their inquiries and check-in requests,  being available to answer questions, and going above and beyond to make sure your guests have a great experience. You should also make sure that all of the amenities you offer are in working order and up to date.

Nothing is more important than providing your guests with an exceptional experience and going the extra mile to make sure they feel well-attended during their stay. In addition, delivering outstanding customer service can motivate guests to post positive feedback for all the world to see.

3. Offer Special Amenities:

Everyone loves a little extra, so consider offering some special amenities that your guests can enjoy during their stay. This could be anything from a welcome basket with local treats to complimentary coffee or tea. Make sure you provide quality linens, towels, furniture, appliances and other basic amenities. Providing something unique is sure to make your property stand out and increase your chances of getting repeat bookings.

4. Respond and Communicate Promptly

Offering an exceptional experience for your guests is greatly influenced by consistent communication. This involves being available to address any inquiries, providing explicit instructions on how to use the features in your home, and offering assistance if needed during their visit – all day every day.

When a guest contacts you with an inquiry or to make a booking, respond promptly. This will demonstrate that you are reliable and eager to provide them with the best service possible. If they feel like they can count on you, they’ll be more likely to book with you again in the future.

5. Create an Inviting Atmosphere

As a host, it is of the utmost importance to ensure that your guests feel welcomed and at ease in their new environment. When your visitors arrive, take time out to properly greet them and provide an informative tour around your abode, so they can be acquainted with their new digs.

Additionally, make sure your property looks and feels inviting, so that guests feel comfortable when they arrive. This could be anything from making sure all of your bedding and linens are clean and up-to-date to decorating your space with artwork or plants. Showing that you care about the look and feel of your property will make guests more likely to book with you again.

6. Follow up after their Stay

After a guest has checked out, make sure to follow up with them to see how their stay went and if there is anything you could have done better. This will show that you genuinely care about their experience and are constantly striving to improve. Additionally, it will also be a good opportunity for you to ask them if they would consider booking with you again in the future.

To further demonstrate appreciation and make sure they have a pleasant experience with you, don’t forget to leave a glowing review on Airbnb – it will help build your reputation as a trustworthy host while encouraging future visits.


Getting repeat bookings on Airbnb is a great way to increase your income as a host and ensure your property remains in demand. By following these tips, you’ll be well on your way to getting repeat bookings from Airbnb. With a little bit of effort and providing excellent service, you’ll be sure to have guests coming back again and again.

Try your best ! good luck! 🙂