How to Give Time to Allah

How to Give Time to Allah

Are you finding ways to give time to Allah but cannot know how to do it? This article will help you to give proper time to Allah. There is always a bond between the creature and the creator. That bond may be weak, but when one thinks deeply about it, he wants to make a spiritual relation with Allah. One cannot relate with another one if there is no communication involved. Well, humans cannot talk with Allah Almighty, but they can get peace of mind by giving time to Allah. 

In this article, we will share every technique about giving time to Allah, and by following it, you will be able to achieve eternal peace of mind. 

 Recite Quran:

If you want to give time to Allah, recite Quran. Quran is for all humankind. It is not a book but the instructions of Allah Almighty in the shape of verses. When you start reciting the Quran, you will find that you are giving time to Allah in the real sense. You will never get tired of reciting Quran. Rather you will become fond of it. So, get started reading the Quran daily.

Read Quran with translation:

The real feelings of the Quran lie in reading Quran with translation in your mother tongue. There is the translation of the Quran in almost every language. Nonetheless, if you cannot find it in a language you want, Urdu and English translations of the Quran are available in every corner of the world. Another advantage of reading the Quran with translation is that it prompts you to read more and more. You get used to it. You begin to understand the Holy Quran, and it then gives you the real taste of the Quran. Also, you give time to Allah, which provides you with the closeness of Allah. 

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Start praying five times a day:

On Muslims, praying five times a day is obligatory. So, you need to pray five times a day. It will give you the satisfaction and the closeness of Almighty. Your soul will get pleasure, and ultimately you will find yourself in peace. The peace which you can only imagine. 

Remembrance of Allah:

Remembrance of Allah has its value and virtue. If you want to remember Allah on every occasion, start remembrance of Him at every moment. In Quran and Hadith, the integrity and benefits of remembrance of Allah are bluntly mentioned. When you involve the name of Allah in your every action and deed, Allah then eases your work. Consequently, you find the closeness of Allah. 

Give me-time for Allah:

The best time you want to give to Allah is the time when you wake up from bed and stand in front of Allah in the night. It is one of the last steps of the journey to give time to Allah, but it is the best a man can do. This practice is called “Tahajjud” in Islam. Tahajjud is the “sunnah” of all the prophets. Hazrat Muhammad SAW has performed it regularly. You don’t need to stand in front of Allah for hours. Merely, four rak’ats prayers are enough, but do it with the intention that you are giving time to Allah. In the end, you will become penchant for Tahajjud, and there will be no need for an alarm clock for you. 

Allah is with you:

Last but not least, develop a mindset that Allah is with you, and he is examining you. This mindset will keep you in touch with Allah. It is not possible to develop such a mindset in an hour. It will take some time. After achieving such an approach towards Allah, you will be able to feel the presence of Allah everywhere you go.


Allah Almighty is always nearer than anyone else to humans. In Quran, Surat-Hud, it is stated that “Indeed, my Lord is near and responsive” this statement from Allah summed up all the conclusions that He is nearer than anyone else to us, but we need to give proper time to Allah to feel His presence. 

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