Instantly change your location on iPhone with Fakeloc

Sometimes, you may need to change your phone’s location. When you need to access restricted sites in your country or play a location-based game such as Pokemon Go. It also protects your privacy. You can usually set up virtual locations if you are unable to travel to the location.

It is easy to do this on Android phones but it used to be difficult to set a virtual place in an iOS device. These days, things have changed. With an iOS location changer, spoofing iPhone locations is easy.

Today we will discuss different ways to change the GPS location of iPhones using software. Read more to get the information about the usage of app for spoofing your location while using iPhone.

Fakeloc Virtual location changer

  • Quickly Go to Any Location in the World

You can use Fakeloc Virtual location to spoof your iPhone position at any time, and travel anywhere you like. All you have to do is select the spot you want to go and then click on Start. You can now say good-bye to lengthy tutorials about how to spoof iPhone location.

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  • Fool All Location-based Applications

Many apps require your exact location in order to function properly. Sometimes this can be too intrusive. You can use the iOS location spoofer in these cases to move your position around to any place in the world. You can fool apps such as Snapchat, Tinder, Google Maps, Tinder and Tinder. They will be deceived.

Fakeloc can be used to fool apps such as Pokemon Go where you need to move from one spot to the next. Fakeloc allows you to simulate movement at a custom speed from one place or another. You simply need to choose a starting and an endpoint, and then set the speed to simulate walking, driving, and cycling. You can now hatch all your Pokemon eggs from the comfort of your own home.

  • Select the Paths That You Will Use Most

Fakeloc lets you import and export different paths and save them as favorites. You can then choose from any preset and quickly simulate movement.

  • More stable than any app

This spoofer app was tested on many apps and games, including Pokemon Go, WhatsApp, Instagram, Instagram, and many others. The apps did not crash at all.

  • You don’t need to jailbreak your device

To create fake GPS iOS, you had to jailbreak the iPhone. This was risky and time-consuming, as well as voiding your warranty. You can now do this by simply connecting your smartphone to the computer.