Know The 5 Different Types Of Materials Used In Mens Sneakers

An attractive pair of mens sneakers with the right fit will help you with the ultimate comfort. When buying online or from the showroom, people want their sneakers to be stylish, fun, chic, and easy to wear. However, they focus more on the size, fit, and design when looking for one. And in the meantime, miss out on the build material of the shoes. But as important as the other factors are, the shoe material will determine the cost and durability of the same. So, as an adequate support, here is a list that will help you better understand the essentials.

Types Of Sneakers That You Can Decide To Buy

Before moving on to the materials, here is a quick sneak peek into the types of sneakers you can buy. The list will serve as a definitive guide:

  • Casual Sneakers: These are versatile and most appropriate for your daily use. The casual style of these shoes makes them an easy blend with different outfits.
  • Slip on: They do not have laces or straps and are effortlessly casual for your everyday style.
  • High-top: These shoes feature a high collar extending above the ankle. They are known to offer greater ankle support and stability.
  • Low-top: The shoes usually rest below the ankle. The particulars are famous for their versatile and casual style.
  • Mid-Top: They come in between high-top and low-top styles. You get the perfect freedom of movement and ankle support in one.
  • Retro: Retro sneakers are known for offering a vintage appeal. These feature the aesthetics from the past combined with the sturdy built of modern materials.
  • Fashion: Fashion shoes are usually limited edition, available with unique design, build, and colours.

Top 5 Materials Used In Mens Sneakers

When you know which or what materials are used to make mens sneakers and how they are useful, you can buy the most suitable option. Also, when you are an environmental activist and want to invest in eco-friendly choices, this will be an easy way to decide. So, without further ado, let’s help you get started.

Nylon Synthetic

Known for their durability, resistance to shrinkage, comfort, and cost-effectiveness, nylon shoes are a huge hit in mens sneakers. You can choose the particular when you want to look stylish and comfortable simultaneously. The nylon added to the shoe’s upper part helps with greater breathability and good ductility. Even wearing it for long hours, your feet will not feel uncomfortable. Thus eliminating blisters or shoe bites.   


Leather shoes stand for a classic and vintage choice in mens sneakers. When looking for comfort and durability besides an elegant outlook, leather shoes it is. Also, synthetic leather sneakers are high in elasticity. It will stretch most efficiently without wear or tear when invested in the right type. Due to the breathability factor, leather varieties are usually great, so the chances of you being subjected to sweaty or smelly feet are lower. But do keep in mind that leather shoes need some special care compared to the regular shoe types.  


In multiple ways, suede is termed as a twin of leather. The only distinctive contrast differentiating them from leather is the outlook of the exterior. While leather has a polished surface, suede mens sneakers have a non-polished coating. In suede, you will get a gentle matte appearance with delicate bristles. They are easy to care for and also come as waterproof. While moisture will not harm your suede mens sneakers, you shall still not wear them in the rain.    


Rubber mens sneakers call for heavy-duty applications. Usually, the shoe soles are made of rubber,  helping athletes with better flexibility and posture on the field. The best part is that you can wear rubber sneakers on multiple occasions. Irrespective of the weather conditions outside, your rubber shoe will get you to the destination right on time. Shoes made of natural rubber are the best, known for their eco-friendly nature.  


Mesh sneakers can be your go-to choice for casual ensembles and business outings. When determining the build material of the mesh, it is either nylon or polyester. The vent-like knitted outlook of the mesh material is sturdy and comfortable. These shoes are typically light in weight. Also known for its moisture-wicking capabilities. When you invest in the right mesh shoe type, it offers the best arch support. Thus, it is the most comfortable shoe for everyday use.  

Important Features That You Must Consider In A Sneaker

The points will help you invest in the right sneaker

  • Select well-cushioned inner soles for your sneakers. Also, ensure the outsole has the necessary traction, helping you walk around safely. More than anything, go for a shoe with SoftFoam+ sock liner. It will ensure maximum comfort to your feet.
  • Look for materials that suit your outdoor activities. Go for rubber sneakers when it is a sports day for you attend. For usual adventures, you can continue with mesh or suede materials.
  • Look for shoes that offer the right arch support when you are considering them for walking or running.


Consider the build material to get the most trending mens sneakers or something from the vintage style. Also, be careful of your fit, arch style, and traction offered. And at the end, you will end up with the most comfortable shoe type.