List of Technology Trends to Combat Cyber Attacks in 2023

Business organizations across all industries worry about cyber-attacks. As per a survey, businesses experienced a significant surge in cyber-attacks in 2022 compared to 2021. Security experts on regular basis build latest tools, methods and techniques to stay ahead of threats.

This blog discusses the major technology trends to identify and prevent possible cyber security threats in 2023. We cover most popular cyber security technologies to keep your business operations safe.

Most Popular Cyber Security Technologies

  1. Behavioral Analytics

This is a trending process to analyze data and know how people access websites, mobile apps, and other networks. Cyber security experts apply behavioral analytics for identifying threats and system vulnerabilities. Learning about behavior is a perfect way to analyze unusual activities and acts that results into cyber attacks.

For instance, behavioral analytics identify outstandingly large volumes of data coming from a single source. This means possible cyber-attack is going to happen. Other examples comprise of unprecedented timing of activities and actions occurring in an awkward manner. Advantages of behavioral analytics includes the identification of attacks in initial stages and the feature to identify future attacks.

  • Cloud Encryption

Cloud services helps to optimize efficiency, assist business organizations to offer remote services, and also economical. However, storing data in a remote manner in the form of cloud can result into data vulnerabilities. Cloud encryption helps to change data from readable information into an unreadable form before it reaches to cloud.

Cyber security experts use an algorithm to execute cloud encryption. Only authorized users having access to an encryption key can unlock the code, resulting into readable data. This restriction lowers the chances of data breaches by unauthorized attackers.

Experts are agreeing that cyber security services in terms of cloud encryption is an excellent way of securing data. Encryption is helpful to prevent unauthorized users from gaining data access. Cloud encryption is a great way to build customer trust within cloud services and make it simple for businesses to follow government regulations.

  • Blockchain

Blockchain is like database that is used to save data within blocks in a secure form. It simply interlinks the blocks using cryptography. This advanced technology assists in the collection of information, but not possible to customize or delete.

Security experts employ blockchain technology to protect both software or devices, build relevant security protocols, and simply impossible to access data by hackers.

The key advantages of blockchain contain improved user privacy, elimination of manual error, better transparency, and economical by eliminating third-party checks.

In addition, chances of security concern of storing data in one place is removed. Rather data is stored in different parts of networks, ending into a distributed system which is not susceptible to possible hacks.

  • Defensive Artificial Intelligence

Security experts are employing defensive artificial intelligence (AI) to prevent cyber-attacks. Cyber criminals implement technologies including offensive AI and machine learning because they are difficult to identify.

Offensive AI comprises of deep fakes, fake images, personas, and other videos that convince people. Unauthorized persons follow adversarial ML to customize machines into malfunctioning by sharing incorrect data.

On the other hand, you can hire python experts to employ defensive AI to identify and stop possible offensive AI. This process comprises of analyzing, testing, and understanding how the whole system works.

Defensive AI helps to strengthen algorithms, ensuring them challenging to access. Many communities of Cybersecurity experts perform deep vulnerability tests by applying machine learning processes.

Wrapping Up

From the above-mentioned cyber security technologies, we can analyze that they have become a necessity to run business in a secure manner. Several businesses whether startups or established have experienced cyberattacks. To tackle them in a proper manner, it is important to consult a professional agency.