The 4 stages of SEO Every Company must Go Through

In today’s post-pandemic world, online businesses need a rock-solid SEO strategy to survive like SEO Australia. The reason for this renewed focus on SEO strategies is the raging competition online marketplaces are facing today. The ever-changing market dynamics have also made life significantly challenging for online marketers. Despite the fact that strategies need to firm up within shorter time frames in this age and time, it is still important to execute SEO-based lead marketing strategies through sequential steps. We provide a low down on the steps here. This procedure is followed by notable companies like Outreach.Solutions.

Steps to Follow for SEO Execution

Phase 1Onboarding, Assessing the Website, and Developing Strategies: Onboarding involves a discussion with the client for a fair understanding of his company goals, his preferences for metrics, his customers and competitors, and how customer leads are generated from SEO campaigns are to be tracked. Onboarding is followed by website assessment which focuses on parameters like targeted keywords, search volume estimation, current traffic volume and rankings, duplication or mistakes in citations, optimizations for the website across prominent social media platforms, assessing difficulties in the campaign, and a complete list of backlinks from competitors. On the basis of these inputs, primary marketing strategies are formulated.

Phase 2—Optimization: Once the strategy has been finalized, it’s time for onsite optimization. The website, including all the landing pages, is to be optimized. This includes landing pages for every optimized keyword. The task can involve tweaking the existing structure of the website and perhaps creating new pages too. Site structure is extremely important since it supports seamless navigation. We also help clients in optimizing conversions. This involves superior SEO knowledge and is important for measuring the effectiveness of the website in responding to calls for action.

Phase 3—Off-site Optimization, Submission of Citation, and Cleaning Up: Once the website has been optimized, it is now time for offsite optimization. Important information is collected for this purpose. Business information details provided should be absolutely consistent across all platforms and relevant business directory websites. Once all the details have been verified, it is now time to look forward to link building and checking if some useful links can be leveraged without much effort.

Phase 4Advanced SEO, Building Links, Updates, and Tracking: The first 3 phases are for the foundation. This is needed so that the website’s authority with search engines can be established. Now it is time to provide keywords strategically through HTML. Business listings must also be checked at this point. Posting fresh content is important at regular intervals too. Efforts should be put in for link building using competitor websites. Once all these measures have been undertaken, a significant improvement in search engine rankings can be witnessed. This is also the phase where success rates are measured and progress is tracked. Suitable changes can be made depending on the results achieved. Periodic monitoring of SEO strategies is extremely important for ensuring long-term results.

Lead generation using SEO depends on the calculated preparedness of your strategic partner. Flexible strategies propounded by strategists who are willing to change with time could be a game-changer for many companies.