Take a Bus Tour to Ashland, KY, and Appreciate the Appalachians Anew!

Bleh – the big city rush! It is such a chore to work or get things done when one is always running from one place to another, with someone or the other breathing down the neck.

More and more people are turning away from major travel destinations and enjoying the slow-paced and leisurely way of traveling by taking bus tours.

Appealing Ashland

Situated on the banks of the Ohio River in the ‘tri-state area’ of Kentucky, Ohio, and West Virginia, Ashland is the ideal travel destination for those who want to flee the non-stop excitement of big cities.

While it was small, to begin with, the passing years have blessed it with growth, making it an awesome place to live and the perfect destination for those looking at doing something different on their trip. So if you have been searching for ‘bus trips near me’ here’s your chance to plan a getaway in the delightful town of Ashland.

Cool Activities

To put it simply, Ashland has something for everyone in terms of cultural and recreational activities – wrapped up in a small-town ambiance.

Sounds intriguing, isn’t it?

As Ashland is situated at the banks of the Ohio River at the foothills of the Appalachians, lots of its outdoor adventures are water-based. So, if you are fond of swimming, fishing, boating, skiing, camping, or hiking, you surely will love it here.

There are plenty of parks here too, like the Greenbo Lake State Resort Park, Lake Vesuvius Recreational Area, Carter Caves State Resort Park, and others.

The golfer in you will rejoice at the numerous 18-hole golf courses here, and while you are putting away, the kids can play tennis at any of the several tennis centers here.

If you are planning to take any of the several bus trips in Ashland, KY, do ensure that you stay for more than just a couple of days here. This is because you will adore its vibrant downtown and riverfront area and want to enjoy your experience here at an unhurried pace. For example, you can take a 19th-century historic walking tour here or look at the gorgeous sunset while picnicking on the riverfront.

The walkable downtown is replete with novel art installations which you can peruse at leisure, post which you can attend a performance at the Paramount Art Center.

To satiate your hunger pangs, you can enjoy fine dining at any of the several restaurants and walk it off with a stroll along the riverfront.

It would be better to plan well ahead if you are thinking of taking bus tours in Kentucky.

This is because since many small towns are fast gaining popularity as upcoming tourist destinations, you may find them crowded. Ashland sees lots of tourists in June, with February and July close behind. If you would want to avoid the crowds, plan for October, which may be the least expensive time to visit this beguiling little town.