Fishing the post is an extraordinary approach to introducing an apparatus precisely for a wide range of coarse fish, including carp, bream, tench and insect.

It implies you can fish tight up to highlights, for example, islands up to 16m away and utilize light tackle to get more chomps, on the grounds that no projecting is involved.

The end product tends to reflect its price while buying a long post, which goes from just £50 to almost £4,000! We will zero in on the best shafts you can purchase for under £1,000.


Unbending nature and equilibrium – How straight is a shaft and how rapidly does the tip recuperate subsequent to applying a strike? Solid posts will generally have substantially less ‘bob’ at the tip end. Balance is about right ‘feel’ as you don’t maintain that it should feel cumbersome i.e pulling away from you.

Wall strength – The thicker a segment width the more grounded it’s probably going to be, yet in addition the heavier as well. Search for indications of built up focuses at crucial regions, for example, the finish of the joints as well.

Weight – The heaviness of a shaft is certainly not an enormous issue, particularly on the off chance that you really want a power post. Of undeniably more significance is the means by which solid it is and it’s general equilibrium.

Finish – This will decide how simple a post is to send in and out through your hands. A few completions have taping, others have a smooth/painted finish, e.g the butt segments.

Saves bundle – what number extra top units or additional items, for example, half expansions and measuring packs you get with the post. A few shafts offer bundles custom-made to power or general match fishing.


An extraordinary enhancement for Preston’s unique Pro Type shafts, this new top-of-the-range 510 flaunts a lot of little yet key additional items, including the Roller Pullas and segment arrangement.

It’s usable at its longest lengths and would be just as great at packing carp as it would at grabbing silvers. Likewise, the extras bundle doesn’t require further speculation to make the post viable with a large group of scene types.

In the event that you’re a sharp match fisher this is totally beat on for the cash, despite the fact that to receive the best in return execution wise we’d suggest empty elastics of a 12 or underneath, not thick weighty variants.


You’ll cherish the sheer scope of highlights integrated into this mid-range post. Daiwa has decisively put supported regions on the shaft just where they’re required most, so you get no superfluous additional weight.

Steely inflexibility is an element of the majority of Daiwa’s posts, even here at a £700 sticker cost. Furthermore, it’s a shaft which certainly looks like it as well.

Extraordinary execution and even at 13m and 14.5m lengths, this is a decent generally around decision and there’s a lot of progress left from £1,000 as well!


3. MAP TKS 401 2G

How is it that MAP could further develop its exceptionally acclaimed TKS range further? Well its presentation of the 2g adaptations for 2017 have done that and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

The 401 2g is 48g lighter than its ancestor, notwithstanding keeping up with a similar mandrel and remaining areas of strength for beguilingly. At 14.5m it’s awesome for it’s sub-£1,000 sticker price and you’ll have the option to respond rapidly to quick nibbles from fish like F1s.

We love the completion on MAP shafts like this as it makes them exceptionally simple to send and for the most part use. A smidgen more re-inforcement around the joint closures could have been valuable to forestall wear, albeit this would without a doubt have been at the penance of adding somewhat more weight.


This is definitely not another post, as a matter of fact it’s six years of age, yet it’s demonstration of the Beastmaster’s fame that it hasn’t been supplanted by Shimano and is as yet pressing onward. What’s, areas of strength for more most certainly the employable word here.

Commit no error about it this is an endlessly out shaft for business fisheries. In all actuality it’s in no way, shape or form the lightest yet it implies you can do without question, anything with it, from weighty edge work to fishing up-in-the-water long.

Recollect you can utilize a carp shaft, for example, this for insect fishing, yet you can’t utilize a bug post for carp fishing! Shockingly even at full length with an accentuation on power.


Middy has truly moved forward its down in the shaft market as of late at all costs and the XP35-2 is no exemption.

What is noteworthy is the extra additional items provided with this post. We love all the little contacts, for example, the EVA domed finishes on the reversible half butt, additional short number four and, surprisingly, the elastication packs so you can fix the shaft up or utilize right away.

All top packs are supported for a ‘pull it’ region to fit a puller-type shrub. We most certainly suggest utilizing a puller framework as opposed to the standard bungs provided in the elastication pack, particularly in the event that you expect to fish empty elastics or elastics heavier than a grade 6.


Maver has for some time been a central participant in posts around this cost mark and the Oculus 799 is no exemption.

A serious competitor in the sub-£1,000 stakes, the completion and negligible load of this Reglass shaft makes it a genuine delight to fish with. It’s commonly ‘Maver solid’ even at long lengths, absolutely as great as you’d expect for under £900.

There’s little not to like about this shaft, even down to the Teflon joints to diminish wear on the vigorously use lower segments. It’s presentation, in addition to that of its greater sibling the Oculus 999, absolutely amazed our Tackle Editor when tried a year ago.

7. Cooking 2 EX-S 50#1 POLE

Putting the marginally peculiar and weird name to the side briefly, you’ll find an inside and out post with an accentuation on a wide range of fishing, not only endlessly out carp crunching. This is reflected in its flexible rating of a size 16.

Searing has placed an accentuation on keeping this post light and solid, without forfeiting strength and it shows. We love the way very much built up the possibly weak segments closes are, especially on the bigger butt segments which can be inclined to breaks when held close to the end and applying a hard strike.

Generally this is an all around thoroughly examined post, it even incorporates extraordinary ‘hold’ regions close to the highest points of the fourth, fifth and 6th segments to help while transportation and separating.

8. Grid NEMESIS 1000 POLE

The Nemesis 1000 is the more youthful sibling of Matrix’s lead unique Nemesis post, yet it’s more affordable and has more accentuation on power and strength.

You’ll find this post isn’t the lightest yet where business fishing is concerned lightest isn’t best all the time. It implies you can utilize the Nemesis 1000 with complete certainty, particularly in breezy circumstances when you can truly cling to it.

On the disadvantage for under £1,000 you’ll just get the 13m adaptation. However, this is intelligent in the way that, execution wise, this is getting towards a top-end business post. Furthermore, in the event that you don’t go out to 14.5m and 16m lengths then the 13m length is fine, as it will likewise bend over for edge work.