The Best Fountain Pens Under $50

The Best Fountain Pens Under $50

Wellspring pens are ergonomic and authentic pens that consider smoother, more adaptable composition. A portion of these pens are extraordinarily planned and can cost huge number of dollars. Fortunately for most of us, you can discover some truly extraordinary wellspring pens for under $50.

This guide will give foundation on the wellspring pen, its advantages, and what to search for while picking your pen. We’ll then audit the 10 best wellspring pens under $50.

The History of the Fountain Pen

Wellspring pens were a move up to the conventional plume and plunge pens. By holding the ink in its inside, wellspring pens killed the wreck and bother of more than once plunging your pen prior to composing. In any case, wellspring pens give a metal nib onto which the ink streams without a hitch, leaving you with spotless and clear composing potential.

The beginning of the wellspring pen is followed back to Arab Egypt, yet critical proof likewise focuses to Leonardo da Vinci as one of the principal makers of the wellspring pen. All things considered, the wellspring pen was formally enlisted by Romanian creator Petrache Poenaru in 1827, albeit a few earlier licenses had a comparative plan.

Being additionally refined step by step, the wellspring pen before long became utilized all over the planet. By the 1960’s it was surpassed by ballpoint pens, yet the eminence and productivity of wellspring pens still can’t seem to be beaten.

Portions of a Fountain Pen

The found pen has a feed, nib, cartridge, and filling technique. Each part is imperative in making the smooth lettering of a wellspring pen, and many have varieties that can be picked relying upon your inclinations.

How about we separate what every one of these parts is and for what reason they’re significant.

Takes care of

The feed of a wellspring pen “takes care of” the ink from the cartridge to the nib. Takes care of contain restricted channels to control the progression of the ink.


Nibs are the sharp finish of a pen that scatters the ink. Wellspring pens have nibs that are typically made of hardened steel or gold amalgams. They can be plated or just tipped in gold. Gold is one of the most outstanding materials for nibs as it’s impervious to consumption and lessens surface strain, bringing about smoother composing.

Wellspring pen nibs are typically sold in extra-fine, fine, medium (“ordinary”), and thick sizes. You can choose the nib relying upon the sort of thinking of you need to do. Better nibs are better for exact imprints and mind boggling rectifications, though thicker nibs are ideal for concealing.

Over the long run, nibs will more often than not wear at a point special to your composition, customizing your wellspring pen to your composing style.

Filling Methods

Most wellspring pens were initially loaded up with an eyedropper. This dreary demonstration was before long supplanted by the cutting edge slim filling framework. Current wellspring pens utilize a cylinder filler or cartridge to permit ink stream.


Present day wellspring pens accompany refillable or replaceable cartridges. These cartridges can be effortlessly embedded into the pen by the client.

Advantages of Fountain Pens

Wellspring pens are an ergonomic, adjustable, and decent decision for your expert composing needs.

Wellspring Pens Are Ergonomic

Ergonomic things center around effectiveness and solace in a work space. Wellspring pens have thicker bases than run of the mill ballpoint pens, bringing about a superior grasp for your hand. The heaviness of the pen likewise works with gravity to permit you to compose with less tension.

For the people who are composing or marking various reports everyday, changing to a wellspring pen will diminish hand exhaustion, strain, and issues.

Wellspring Pens Are Customizable

You can play with the ink stream, different nib sizes, and plating to make a composing structure that is remarkable to you. Numerous wellspring pens additionally acknowledge cartridges from fluctuating brands, permitting you to change out your ink for one that suits you best.

For those keen on joining the wellspring pen local area, you’ll try and discover some wellspring pens that can be uniquely worked for yourself as well as your requirements.

Wellspring Pens are Professional

You can arrange different plans of wellspring pens, yet every one of them share one thing practically speaking – they’re substantially more rich than the day to day ballpoint elective. For those in an expert climate, a wellspring pen is an unquestionable requirement.

Besides the fact that they have a smooth look, however wellspring pens might work on your penmanship. The ink stream in wellspring pens creates a trademark line that separates its composed work from that of different pens. It likewise gives a smoother tip to a wide range of composing paper contrasted with the ballpoint pen, which has a fragile ballpoint that can be handily caught or harmed.

The paper you compose on is similarly essentially as significant as the pen. Make certain to look at our other post for the best paper for your wellspring pens.

What to Look for in a Fountain Pen

Picking your wellspring pen is an individual undertaking. You’ll have to settle on the kind of nib, pen size and weight, value reach, and individual plan you’re searching for.

Picking Your Nib

We’ve referenced the purposes of better versus thicker nibs, yet there are significantly more nibs to look over. Italic or cursive nibs are best for calligraphy, stub nibs for gentle italics and regular use, and flex nibs for line variety.

You’ll likewise have to choose a steel nib or a gold nib. Gold nibs are of greater, yet steel nibs likewise offer trustworthy composition at a lower cost.

Pen Size and Weight

In the event that you have greater hands, you’ll need to pick a bigger measured wellspring pen for solace. The inverse is valid assuming your hands are dainty.

In the event that you’re composing for significant stretches without breaks, you can settle on a lighter wellspring pen. Heavier wellspring pens are ideal for marks and confirming significant reports.

Value Range and Design

The value reach and configuration you’re searching for are an individual decision. Fortunately, today we will see numerous reasonable choices with regards to wonderfully planned wellspring pens.

The Best Fountain Pens Under $50

We’ve investigated the wellspring pens available for under $50. We then focused on the pens that were evaluated at least 4.5 stars with a significant measure of positive client surveys. Out of this gathering, we picked the main 10 pens in view of their reasonableness, considerations, ink type, plan, and company client assistance.


#1 PILOT Metropolitan Collection Fountain Pen – Best Overall

The PILOT Metropolitan Collection has consolidated excellence with productivity in their new wellspring pen. This pen has a disappearing, retractable point that conceals the nib in the barrel when not being used.

The dark barreled pen holds dark ink inside a medium nib encompassed by a metal base. The ink is Iroshizuku, which comes from the Japanese words meaning exclusive requirements and variety. It is 5.8 x 0.5 x 0.5 inches and weighs 3.52 ounces.

Appraised 4.6 stars with right around 3,000 audits, you can find this famous wellspring pen on the web and at a bargain for generally under $20.

SALEPILOT Metropolitan Collection Fountain Pen, Black Barrel, Classic Design, Medium Nib, Black Ink (91107)

PILOT Metropolitan Collection Fountain Pen, Black Barrel, Classic Design, Medium Nib, Black Ink (91107)

#2 Amazon Basics Refillable Fountain Pen – Best Budget

For those simply beginning their wellspring pen venture, the Amazon Basics pen is all you really want. Valued at $8.75, this pen is perfect for anybody on a tight spending plan. This wellspring pen accompanies one dark ink cartridge and two tops off. The color is water-based, making it simpler to eliminate from surfaces and textures.

The metal edge is 5.5 x 0.65 x 0.005 inches. It holds a fine nib which is perfect for making flawless and thin lines for clear composition. Amazon needs clients to happy with their buy, so this wellspring pen is supported by Amazon Basics’ 1-year restricted guarantee.

#3 Scriveiner Luxury Fountain Pen – Best Luxury

On the off chance that you’re searching for class, the Scriveiner British brand conveys. Their chief wellspring pen arrives in a 24K gold completion and is ideally suited for proficient use in an office or in a hurry.

The Schmidt medium nib is plated in 18K gold, giving the pen a milder vibe while composing. It likewise accompanies a Schmidt converter, in addition to save cartridges in both beat up.

Scriveiner offers first class client care and a 100 percent unconditional promise on the off chance that you’re not happy with their extravagance wellspring pen. In spite of the fact that with a 4.7-star rating and north of 1,700 surveys, that ought not be an issue. You can buy this extravagance pen with an extra-fine, fine, or medium nib for around $50.

On the off chance that you are intrigued we did an entire survey about the Scriveiner wellspring pen, which you can understand here.

#4 PILOT Varsity Disposable Fountain Pens-Best Disposable Fountain Pen Pack

PILOT has made a 7-pack of prefilled and simple to-utilize wellspring pens. These plastic pens can be reused toward the finish of their life and require no upkeep. The ink is apparent through the base, permitting you to perceive how much is left.

These pens are more modest than customary wellspring pens, making them simpler to take in a hurry. Their aspects are 3.75 x 0.3 x 5.5 inches. The medium nib offers dark, blue, green, red, purple, pink, and turquoise ink which are perfect for separating notes or in any event, drawing. You can purchase the 4.7-star appraised

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