The Best Hunting Ammo

The best hunting ammo is available in many different calibers, depending on the type of game you’re after. The most common cartridges include 10mm ammo, 5.56 NATO, and 7mm-08 ammo, but you can find plenty of alternatives as well. This article will cover several of them and show you which ones are best for your specific hunting situation.

5.56 NATO Ammo

5.56 NATO hunting ammo is a popular choice for hunters seeking to take down large game. This ammo can be used for both whitetail deer and pronghorn. The heavier slugs of this ammunition are said to be more powerful and have a longer range. Moreover, it has a very affordable price, making it an ideal choice for many hunters.

7mm-08 Remington

When it comes to hunting small game, the 7mm-08 is a great choice for accuracy and terminal performance. The original loading of this cartridge fired a 150-grain bullet at 2700 fps. While that may have been enough for President Teddy Roosevelt and Stewart Edward White to take down deer, modern loadings offer more accuracy and superior terminal performance. When choosing your ammunition, make sure to select a load that is specifically designed for the game you want to take down. This ammunition is available from our trusted ammo shop.

10mm Auto

When it comes to bullet weight, the 10mm auto has plenty of options. The 165 grain GameKing HPBT bullet from Sierra is a great choice for game weighing 80 to 150 kilograms. These bullets are also very effective for a variety of smaller game and home defense.

Winchester Super-X

Winchester Super-X hunting ammo is an excellent choice for hunting deer, elk, and moose. This 180 grain load was developed to achieve the highest muzzle velocity in a conventional hunting cartridge while still maintaining a muzzle energy of 2,702 ft-lbs. The bullet’s contoured cavity was designed to aid expansion and transfer the maximum amount of force to the target.

Federal’s.350 Legend

Federal’s 350 Legend hunting ammo delivers high-quality, no-frills performance. This ammunition is designed to be effective against medium-sized game. Its 0.245 G1 ballistic coefficient and 180 grain projectile provide ample energy and terminal expansion. Its case mouth is designed to improve expansion and reduce weight.


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