Why choose wall panel WPC?

Outdoor wall cladding is an increasingly popular new option for decorating the exterior of homes and commercial buildings. It is also known as siding or exterior walls. Cladding is an economical and durable way to add curb appeal to the exterior of a building. WPC cladding is one of the most commonly used wall cladding materials. Wall panel WPC is durable with strong weather resistance.

Component of WPC cladding

WPC panels are prepared by mixing ground wood elements and heated thermoplastic resins while molding them into the desired shape. Thanks to its strength and modern design, WPC is a modern and long-lasting material that replaces traditional building materials. Wall panel WPC is made of 60% wood fiber, 35 HDPE, and 5% necessary chemical additives which are not harming humans and the environment.

Why choose wall panel WPC for your exterior wall?

1. Extend the life of exterior walls

WPC wall covering can give a new look to a building. WPC cladding can give buildings a new look. In addition, it can increase the service life of the wall, thereby increasing the value of the building. Unifloor is one leading WPC manufacturer in China. It provides high-quality WPC cladding for longer use.

2. Durable

Wall panel WPC provides a hard-wearing protective layer that can withstand the elements and will not rot or splinter.

3. Environmentally friendly

WPC wall panel, also known as ECO wood wall panel, is not easily deformed, moisture-proof, insect-proof, and has certain environmental performance. It is an alternative to preserved wood material. It is a sustainable and cost-effective material.

4. Aesthetics

Wall panel WPC is aesthetically pleasing and available in a variety of colors. The realistic wood grain pattern and rich colors meet your aesthetic needs.

5. Versatile

It is suitable for both new and renovated construction projects.

6. Insulation

WPC cladding is an excellent insulator. It effectively promotes room temperature stabilization at the right temperature.

7. Fire resistance

WPC material is better than solid wood and has good fire resistance, it provides fire protection and ensures furniture safety. It can be safely used on the exterior walls of kindergartens, children’s rooms, stores, and outdoor pavilions.

8. Oil resistance

WPC cladding surface is not easy to stain with oil and other stains, ordinary soap and water cleaning or high-pressure cleaning can clean the oil stains.

9. Anti-mildew

The dense outer layer structure can effectively prevent mildew.

10. Moisture resistance

WPC cladding has high resistance to moisture.

11. Maintenance-free

There is no need to spray paint or stain. It can guarantee you more leisure time.

12. Dimensional stability

Less affected by moisture and temperature changes, it owns high dimensional stability, less expansion and contraction, and self-recovery.

13. Other properties

In addition, it can also improve thermal, acoustic, and natural lighting performance.

In addition, compared with natural wood, WPC cladding has the following advantages.

1. It has stronger moisture stability.

2. Longer durability.

3. Resistant to termites.

4. Higher UV stability: This new material has been tested for 2000 hours in UV without problems.

5. Stronger resistance to acid and alkali.

6. Compared with the high cost of maintenance of natural wood, WPC cladding requires no maintenance and has low wear and tear.

7. No need to paint or stain.

8. 100% recyclable, and friendly to the environment.

9. There is a unique installation system that makes installation easier.

10. Service life of more than 20 years.


The initial cost of WPC cladding is relatively higher compared to other materials. However, it has more advantages over other exterior wall panel materials and is widely used because of its excellent performance on durability, weather resistance, etc.