5 Hacks for Students to Improve Their Math

Math is a compulsory subject in schools around the world, and students start studying it from the first day of school and continue studying it in one way or another throughout their educational career. Knowledge of fundamental mathematics is crucial because basic math skills are used extensively in our daily lives.  

Students all across the world struggle to do math. There can be various reasons for it. One of the reasons can be that math is a subject you can’t cram. Therefore, you have to really understand the basic formulas and methods to do well in this subject. Moreover, math courses are mostly designed in a way that you can’t move on to the next exercise/chapter without understanding the previous chapters/exercises. If you want to excel in this subject, you should understand all the chapters and practice your sums every day.

No matter how difficult you find studying math, it’s a compulsory subject, and you have no choice but to study it. Various online resources can help you understand it better and students can use different study techniques and hacks to ace this subject. In this article, we are going to discuss some hacks for students to improve their math. 

  1. Take Advantage of Online Math Tools

There are various math tools for students available online that can significantly improve their math skills. A variety of math apps, tools, and other resources are available online for elementary school, middle school, high school, and even college students. Some popular online math tools and apps are as follows;

  • Buzzmath

It is an engaging website designed for students of ages 6 to 16. Students can opt for a free trial version to judge if it suits their learning process and if it does, they have to pay a monthly subscription fee to continue using it. It is an interactive learning platform and explains all concepts of mathematics, usually taught from grade sixth to grade eighth.

  • Virtual Nerd

It is an interactive math tool for high school students. Several videos explaining different mathematical concepts are available for students. Most videos deal with the concepts of geometry and algebra. Virtual Nerd is free of cost, and no subscription or monthly fees need to be paid. 

  • Wolfram|Alpha

It is an online platform for college students that can help them with their geometry, plotting, calculus, statistics, and other math-related homework. You can create an account and use most of the features on this platform for free. However, some advanced features are only accessible when a small monthly fee of $8.25 is paid.

Several other online tools include Geometry Pad, FX Draw, and ModMath. You can do a quick Google search to determine which platform best suits your needs and get started there.

  1. Strengthen Your Fundamental Knowledge of Math

A strong grip on the basic skills of math, like multiplication, addition, fractions, percentages, and more, can make it easier for you to understand and solve complex sums and equations. Moreover, having a strong foundation in math can help you a lot in your daily life, like understanding percentages can help you calculate discount rates, interest rates, and more.

The ability to perform simple multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction in your head can save you a lot of time while solving complex problems. Similarly, the ability to add and subtract or multiply and divide fractions can significantly improve your arithmetic abilities. Arithmetic abilities are crucial for analyzing and extracting information from graphical data.  

  1. Analyze Your Mistakes

If you are making a lot of mistakes in a question, don’t just move on to the next question and carefully analyze your mistakes because you can learn a lot from them. Ignoring your mistakes won’t lead to any learning or improvement, and you will eventually end up repeating those mistakes. 

Therefore, consider where you got stuck and went wrong while solving a question. Use a different approach to solve it again and once you get the answer, try to solve more such questions to get the hang of it. Analyzing your mistakes can significantly help you understand a specific concept.  

  1. Apply Your Learnings to Real-World Problems

Thinking that math is an abstract concept with no link to the real world can hinder your learning process. Therefore, applying your mathematical learnings to real-life problems can make the concepts more relevant and make it easier for you to grasp specific concepts.  

Applying your mathematical skills to solve real-world problems is a useful hack that can help you improve your math skills. This way of learning forces you to think outside the box and learn related new concepts. Moreover, this hack will also make math interesting, and you’ll enjoy learning new concepts and solving sums and equations. 

According to Learning and Understanding: Improving Advanced Study of Mathematics and Science in U.S. High Schools, experiential learning can significantly improve grades and overall understanding of certain concepts of students in a particular subject.

  1. Establish a Routine and Practice Regularly

Sticking to a routine and daily practice can help you improve your skills in any subject. Therefore, it is crucial that you assign a specific time of the day to practice your math skill. Moreover, daily practice can also improve your math solving speed, which can be advantageous while solving a longer math problem.

Sticking to a routine will also help you point out your problem areas, and you can take the help of your school teacher or an online mentor to improve them. Moreover, you’ll realize that many concepts follow the same pattern or trend. Therefore, you would be able to perform specific problems more quickly, and you won’t repeat your mistakes.  

It is also beneficial to reserve a specific day of the week to test yourself regarding all the mathematical concepts you learned during the week. 

The Bottom Line

Math is an essential subject, and it is compulsory for students from the first day of school up till the senior year of high school and sometimes even college. Many students struggle with math and find it difficult to fully understand certain concepts. However, there are various hacks students can use to improve their learning process.

Several online math study tools and platforms can help you learn. It is also crucial to practice regularly and strengthen your fundamental math skills. Moreover, learning from your mistakes and applying newly learned concepts to real-world problems can also help you get the hang of several concepts. Hopefully, this article will help you understand the hacks that can help students improve their math.