Best Sea shores in Puglia Italy

1. Torre Lapillo

This brilliant ocean side has white and delicate sand and turquoise waters. Guests can get to this heaven through various wooden walkways that interface the town to the ocean. This is the ideal spot for the people who need to unwind without surrendering dream sea shores. There are additionally prepared offices like Lido Pineta and Lido Canne.

2. Sant’Andrea’s Stacks

Assuming you like wild and untainted sea shores, a couple of kilometers from Otranto, you will track down the ideal ocean side for you: Sant’Andrea is popular for stacks rise out of blue seawater, besides, here it is additionally conceivable to jump. Arco degli Innamorati (darling’s curve) is the most popular stack thanks to the astounding perspective, particularly at dusk.

3. Punta Prosciutto

Punta Prosciutto ocean side is a significant length of around 4 kilometers of delicate white ridges with the blue water of the Ionian Ocean. It is extremely easy to arrive at the ocean side, nonetheless, crossing a slight piece of rich Mediterranean scrub is essential. Water is shallow and there is typically no twist, subsequently the ocean is quiet and level. These qualities make it an ideal ocean side in Puglia for kids. It is generally exceptionally swarmed, so better to arrive at this heaven right on time to get a decent spot!

4. Baia Verde – Green inlet

Somewhat less than 4 kilometers south of Gallipoli, sightseers can see as one more of the most gorgeous sea shores in Puglia: Baia Verde (green narrows). The sand is brilliant and the water is shallow and green. There are washing foundations in which it is likewise conceivable to move from evening until first light, as a matter of fact, Baia Verde is one of the most loved objections for youngsters.

5. Torre dell’Orso

Torre dell’Orso (the bear’s pinnacle) is a heavenly area, likewise well known for its traveler maintainability. The most popular look at this spot is that of the two stacks, otherwise called the Two Sisters. Water is clear and translucent. A couple of kilometers from Torre dell’Orso, we suggest that you visit Roca Vecchia, where Grotta della Poesia is a genuine normal pool.

6. Baia delle Zagare

Baia delle Zagare is taken cover behind two impressive bluff stacks that overhang the translucent ocean. To arrive at it, it is smarter to leave the vehicle at the Vignanotica inlet vehicle leave. There are a couple of ways of arriving at the representative sound of the Gargano: through the retreat of the very name or through ways that beginning from the primary street, what’s more, arriving at the straight by boat is likewise conceivable.

7. Baia Vignanotica

Baia Vignanotica is breathtaking as the Zagare, in any case, it needs a touch of work to arrive at it. There is a way that goes through the Mediterranean scour. It prompts the heavenly white ocean side that reviews the whiteness of the bluffs that outline it. It is a stone ocean side of limestone beginning.

8. Manaccora cove

It has one of the most gorgeous perspectives on the shore of Peschici, close to the Grottone di Manaccora, a lofty normal depression around 90 meters in length and occupied during the Bronze Age. Here vacationers can track down both free sea shores and foundations. The sand is brilliant sand and the ocean side gest exceptionally swarmed during the pinnacle season.

9. Cala Lama Monachile

Without a doubt quite possibly of the most notorious and wonderful ocean side in Puglia, in view of its novel area. Cala Monachile is situated in Polignano a Female horse downtown area. It is a free little ocean side between two astonishing rough bluffs. The ocean is turquoise and clear. There is likewise a Roman extension behind the narrows.