Is FBA Masterclass Legit? Reviews from Reddit

Making money online has opened many doors for many people to gain some extra cash. For many others, the internet has become their source of livelihood. The same can be applied to many Amazon sellers. The platform has become more than a way to get some side-hustle for an investment. This is where the FBA Masterclass can help.

This course is provided by entrepreneur Tom Wang. According to Wang, this fast track program will help you build a successful FBA in a short time. So, what is the story behind this course? Is it really legit or some kind of online scam?

Explained: FBA Masterclass

Tom Wang, a serial entrepreneur, created this online course. This course is about teaching the insides of the Amazon FBA model and how to build a successful business on it. The online course offers training on various methods that a seller will need along the way.

For example, one of the selling strategies that the course focuses on is Amazon PPC. The course teaches you all about it and how to use it to attract customers to your product page.

In addition to PPC, you will have access to materials explaining ways to provide decent customer service. This can typically lead to more than sales. It is a guaranteed way of generating positive reviews, which are necessary for progressing in the FBA world.

Is this class really useful? 

Well, the main purpose of this course is to provide many people in the FBA world with the proper equipment, which is knowledge. So definitely, it is not a scam as it provides material and thoroughly explains methods for building a successful Amazon business from scratch.

Tom is providing the knowledge and ways that worked for him. He also claims that it works for everyone anywhere. But it is worth mentioning that Tom keeps updating the contents of his course to correspond with the ever-changing demands of the huge e-commerce platform.

There are different points that Tom insists on and others criticize. For instance, Tom bets on the single product system to be the winner in Amazon sales. Other experts find that providing a variety of products is the right approach.

On many levels, Tom’s approach seems a lot more convenient for a starting seller. It depends on buying cheap products that people need all year long. During the first chapters of the course, Tom teaches you how to get bulk and cheap products that won’t make you cross your budget limits.

Another important aspect that the course focuses on is promoting your listings through ads. Due to the rigorous competition in the giant marketplace, you will need to stand out from the crowd. Ads can help you be visible to Amazon’s customers. Tom Wang’s course focuses on how to make ads through PPC.

How to have access to the FBA Masterclass 

You can pay the entire cost of this course to have full access to its content. There is no option so far to provide the cost in the form of installments. You need to pay about $7000 CAD. Many people on Reddit describe this price as expensive. But, you will be getting high-quality materials that justifies the price.

The Truth About Tom Wang 

Tom Wang is the man behind the FBA Masterclass. He is a former Amazon seller and a current serial entrepreneur. He doesn’t come from a rich family, as he was doing an average job. But things changed for him when a friend directed him to Amazon FBA. The year 2017 witnessed his booming success on Amazon. This is when he started generating millions by selling one product.

Later, he and his girlfriend started building a skincare brand that found major success. Then, a bigger brand purchased Tom’s Sdara for millions.

His big success in the marketplace fueled his desire to help others make it in the ecommerce world. This is when he turned to organizing workshops and lectures. Then in 2019, his course FBA Masterclass was launched and has gained a lot of attention.

Tom also launched a YouTube channel where he offers brief tips and information regarding the e-commerce giant. If you take a look at Tom’s videos, you will see that this guy actually knows what he is doing.

Reviews from Reddit about the FBA Masterclass

When it was launched, it created discussion on different forums and social media platforms. There were many questions and threads on Reddit reviewing the course, its teacher, strategies, and cost. There are various reviews analyzing the course. But generally, all the reviews on Reddit do not accuse the course of being a scam. As long as people are receiving value for the money they pay, it can be considered legit.

The cost of the course is not cheap. But defenders of the course consider it justifiable compared to the value and the extensive coverage of the FBA world for beginners.

Reasons to consider Tom Wang’s course

There are different reasons that could encourage you to attend the FBA Masterclass. For instance,

  • Proven strategies 

When you join this online class, you are learning from a true Amazon expert. Tom Wang has followed everything on the course until he became a 7-figure seller.

  • Access to a community of entrepreneurs

In addition to having access to the educational content of the course, you can also have access to a community of entrepreneurs. This community exists on Facebook, where former students share their experiences of making 6- or 7-figure earnings from Amazon.

  • No experience is required.

You don’t have to be knowledgeable in the e-commerce world to understand the content of this course. It is made to start with you from scratch, and the level goes higher as you advance through the course.

  • Quick and lasting results 

According to Wang, you get to see the results of this course in months, not years. Despite what you may know about the nature of making money online, it takes time. Wang claims to give you what you need to start enjoying the benefits fast.

Keep in mind that you will pay the whole sum in advance to have access to the course. There is no refund policy so far too.