Printing at Staples: How much does it Cost?

When applying to a printing company, almost all customers have the same questions: how much does a print run cost? Can we reduce the cost without compromising the quality of the product? A printed edition’s price depends directly on its costs, just as it does in any other production.

What’s the Cost of Staples Printing?

Costs include:

  • There are many different types of products (e.g., posters, flyers, brochures, calendars).
  • The size of circulation.
  • A product’s size (final format, unfoldable, for example).
  • The density and quality of the paper.
  • Finishing techniques (mounting, cutting, laminating, embossing).
  • Preparation of the layout.
  • Preparation of color proofs.

Each client at Staples receives a customized and creative solution.  The staff listens to their customers and considers all their needs. Staples laser printer strives to provide you with the most convenient printing service possible.  Customers have often become their partners and friends, and they are proud of this fact.

For those who do not wish to overpay for printed products, it is important to understand precisely who they are dealing with: a direct manufacturer. Small companies often provide a variety of printing services but lack all of the necessary equipment.  Because of this, the need to use intermediary companies always results in higher costs. There are a variety of options available today on the market.

IIn addition, contracting with an intermediary always involves additional risk, since such contractors are not responsible for the quality or timeliness of the services they provide.provide.provide. This can lead to delays in the order, as well as marriage problems. Therefore, working with intermediaries is recommended.  The printing house should be able to provide a full production cycle like all of the necessary equipment is needed for permanent cooperation.

Understanding the cost of circulation and choosing between cheap and expensive printing depends on understanding what the price is made up of. In addition to material, paint, depreciation, production costs, and administrative costs, the cost price includes the actual price for the copy. For instance, when you select between cheap and expensive printing, you can change only the following key parameters:

Number of pages

Staples’ production unit costs decrease as the number of copies increases. Nevertheless, if you have to correct the layout, then the savings will be less because you will be needing to produce offset forms repeatedly.  However, digital printing today makes it possible to make changes no matter what.


In the case of a printing house, this characteristic is determined by the technical characteristics of the printing process. Circulations, in other words, are printed on a different kind of sheet for each machine type. Due to the optimal arrangement, it is possible to significantly reduce costs as a result of the layout of the product on a printed sheet.

Double-sided printing, on the other hand, is a bit more expensive. In the end, it turns out to be more profitable because the customer receives twice as much advertising space while the price of printing services increases slightly.

Excellent quality of the paper.

Density increases the cost of the finished product. A large amount of money will be spent on printed designer papers, vinyl, and cardboard.


It is common for large printers to charge more for urgent orders because they prepare everything several weeks in advance. It means that you must adjust your schedule or increase the duration of the workday to take on an unscheduled order.


Consider using fewer colors whenever possible, such as printing black and white pages on a risograph and a color cover.

Replace labor-intensive operations with less expensive ones. Consider substituting metallic ink printing for foil stamping if you had originally planned to use it. You can also save on lamination by using offset varnish instead.


Ensure that the product you have chosen can be printed in the size you have chosen. A few millimeters difference in size can save considerable amounts of material.

Additional Services

These include prepress and post-press. For the first understanding, you will prepare offset forms, design, layout, and write text. Second, you may cut, fold, crease, punch, stitch, number, laminate, perforate, emboss, bind, foil, etc.

If the printer provides additional services, be sure to inquire in advance. To order cheap or expensive printing, look for another partner if you can limit yourself to printing.

If you want to save money, consider prefabricated runs. A limited-time offer that has fixed formats, quantities, and copy prices. Factors that affect the cost of printing

include formats, quantities, and copies. Because it is composed of some indicators, not all of which can be changed. Due to competitive pressure, printers often use cheap materials and miss deadlines to cut prices. This leads to dissatisfied customers receiving damaged editions. Technology-based companies do not offer such an attractive price, but they would do quality work for an affordable price.

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