Top 5 Courses at the University of Maryland

The University of Maryland is among the topmost universities in the global PG program in Data Science and Business Analytics. University of Maryland College Park is a public institution established in 1856 in the United States. It is known for its cultural diversity and high-quality education. Several highly-ranked educational programmes are organised here, and it uses an exclusive process to assess the applications.

The uniqueness of the University of Maryland

The University of Maryland is famous because its academics are exceptional, with affordable prices and well-established facilities that have received many awards. The professors are well-known for their knowledge and skill in helping students get outstanding scores in their respective fields. This University is well known for its research opportunities found inside the campus. There is also a large diversity in cultural programmes, which draws students of varied interests worldwide.

Top courses of the University of Maryland

The University of Maryland is one of the topmost universities in the world. It provides multiple courses per students’ requirements that help them pursue whatever career path they want. These are vast career courses. Here is an overview of the top 5 courses.

Masters in Computer Science: Students who have completed a Bachelor’s Degree are eligible to apply for their Master’s in Computer Science. This is a 1-year full-time course, and the students must be qualified in IELTS or TOEFL and PTE to get admission to this particular course. To apply for this course, students should have enough quantitative and IT knowledge and have graduated from any foreign institution. Some of the notable subjects taught in this course include programming languages, scientific computing, graphics, human-computer interaction, etc. The fee for this course is 28.5 lakh INR per year.

Masters in Business Administration: It is a 2-year, on-campus full-time course which helps students develop solid analytical skills in Business. The fee for this course is 46.8 lakh INR per year. This course includes a detailed discussion of business functions like marketing, finance, and operational interactions. The eligibility for this course is that candidates must have six years of professional work experience. To apply for this course, an Indian student must have a First Class in a related field from any recognised institution.

Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering: This is a 4-year, full-time campus course in which students must have an official secondary school transcript to apply for this course. This programme offers various skills, including robot designing, designing intelligent devices, computer vision, etc. Before applying for admission, students have to submit an SAT and ACT score. The fee required for this course is 33.4 lakh INR per year.

Bachelor of Arts in Management and Business Analytics: This is a 4-year course that upskills students to make data-driven decisions in a more business-oriented way. The students make these decisions using analytical tools. This program also empowers students to effectively handle vast amounts of data. The fee for this course is 26.2 lakh INR per year.

Ph.D. in Economics: This economics programme is one of the most notable and talked about programmes at this University. This 3-year programme aims at upskilling the students in advanced macro and microeconomics, Comparative Institutional Economics, Economic Development, Economic History, Finance, Macroeconomics, etc.


The courses discussed above are the most reputed and popular programmes at Maryland University. Because of this massive diversity of the type of courses, students with different interests opt for these courses.