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Many companies send out newsletters periodically to keep their members informed about news related to their business or industry. The goal is to maintain a loyal customer base where they can offer additional products or services. With the widespread use of the Internet for information dissemination and the RSS news feed, it is a powerful online communication tool. So many people wonder if a business would be better off publishing news than a newsletter?

There is a noticeable convenience factor that favors publishing a news feed instead of a newsletter: no delayed or paid newsletters. No typing delay No printing costs No postage No mailing list But is a news source more effective than a newsletter at getting a message across? And if so, can someone who is mostly ignorant of the News Feed and only computer literate enough to send e-mail and surf the web post news themselves?

In addition to the obvious advantages of a news source mentioned above. A key question to ask when evaluating the effectiveness of a newsletter versus a newsfeed is whether the data is time sensitive. If the company publishes information on topics such as stock markets, real estate, investments, weather, new products or services, competitive analysis, product catalog and prices. Visit our best webpage SARKARI GYAN for more about best news.

The effectiveness of the newsletter is greatly reduced as the delay between the “event” and the delivery of information about the event increases. If a newsletter were published every three months, it would last an average of six weeks! And it’s not just that the information arrives too late to be meaningful to the recipient. Also because recipients will find the newsletter unrelated to their business and opt out. Unfortunately, this means it will be treated as spam and thrown into the trash without being opened. Why should I be interested in investment opportunities? If by the time I get that advice it’s too late to do anything about it. (My post office has a trash can in the lobby. So you can easily dispose of your junk mail without going home.)

The adoption of this time-limited issue made businesses rely more on publishing letters to subscription lists. You saw the arrival — “Sign up for our email list.” Many people see this as a spam volunteer. Although some people reluctantly put their email addresses on what they hoped would be a private list. Spam filters often discard this email. And for incoming emails (and we all know how effective spammers are.) emails from legitimate businesses. Often gets lost in all that spam. So who cares if a company avoids the development, distribution, and delay of a newsletter by using email? If the message does not sound completely

A news feed effectively bridges the gaps of newsletter and e-mail broadcasting. The news feed will not be printed or emailed. And the news feed will be instantly available online. Recipients can voluntarily receive information without having to “swipe” it, so there is no spammy feeling associated with the News Feed. The general public may receive such information at their convenience and may receive an alert or “alert” when new information is posted. You can subscribe to the news feed without specifying your email address. And when new information is published you can signal and continue. Imagine real-time data… literally seconds after a recommendation is published. You can read new information and act accordingly.

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If your intention is to send spam, i.e. send unwanted information to others for some benefit. The news channel is not for you. Your goals are not compatible with ignoring the news feed! Spammers depend on e-mails and mass mailings in the hope that the recipient will accidentally open the spam and be tempted by the taunting message.

But what about the news publishing problem? Is it easy or does it require special computer skills? Should you hire or pay someone to build your news feed for you?

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