What are the NDIS requirements for support workers?

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 Many people are willing to jump into community care services. Some people want to run an organization to help people and some want to become support workers. There are a lot of things that come to mind when dealing with selection and getting a job. You might need to know what are NDIS requirements for support workers. You must know how they will pay you. You should know how and what changes this job can bring into your life. There are 100s of questions in mind when it comes to community care services let’s start with the requirements.

 What are Community Care Services’ support workers?

Who are they? What duties do they perform? How much do they need to work in a day? How do they get trained? Do National Disability Services broadly define who is a support worker? A person who is employed to provide services related to NDIS to people who have a disability. There are many categories of NDIS workers:

  1. Volunteers
  2. Self-employed
  3. Paid employees
  4. Contractors

Now the question is what duties do the community care services workers perform? Well, they might need to perform multiple tasks or may need to do a single task on daily basis. So, yeah we can say that it depends upon the client. Here is the list of things they might do daily:

  1. Helping the client to get dressed
  2. Preparing meals
  3. Helping manage finances
  4. Do grocery
  5. Going to the doctor for regular checkups
  6. Providing social support

This is not it. There are several duties they could do. However, now the point is what are their requirements?

Number 1 # Require vocational qualifications

It is not necessary to get the formal qualification to become an NDIS support provider. On other hand, it is important to have at least vocational training. It is a short course called Certificate III in individual support. It is an asset you going to use for your whole life. Having formal qualifications will help the person to get more opportunities in the market. But you should have some certified training before getting into this field. It will help you do the job smoothly.

Number 2 # Past Experience

Many community care services prefer to hire those support workers who have enough experience. You can become a support worker without experience but for more opportunities, you need some experience. Why don’t you go for volunteering programs? It can help you get better offers. Companies will be happy to use your experience and get the best out of it.

Number 3# Legal History Check

It is really important to make sure that the person with a disability has a clear history. Of course, no one would prefer to hire a support worker with criminal activity in past. This is not an option. You need to have a piece of clear evidence and it is compulsory. It will create a problem for those who did any criminal activity in past. How a person who has a criminal mind can help disable a person? Having a good character is a must. This job is completely on your level of honesty.

Even though these things are easy to read but hard to get. But still, you can do it. Get a nice job and see what comes out of it. The Australian Government is encouraging people to get into this field. So yes it is going to be a good option for those who want their future to be brighter.

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