What are the top interview questions of machine learning professionals?

machine learning professionals

In the tech-driven world, numerous organisational job roles are in high demand, such as data scientists, artificial intelligence professionals, and machine learning professionals. Machine learning mainly involves techniques that form the basic structure of building algorithms. Individuals who aspire to become machine learning professionals must enrol in the PG in machine learning course to enhance their skill set and knowledge. 

If you wish to apply for the machine learning professionals, it is crucial to know what kind of machine learning interview questions recruiters or hiring managers will ask. This article will help you in bruising on the skills of machine learning for cracking the interview:

  • Why is the machine learning trend emerging so fast?

Machine learning professionals solve real-world problems and unlink the coding rule for solving the problem, and machine learning algorithms learn from the databases. 

  • What is the different type of machine learning algorithms?

There are different types of machine learning algorithms, and let us check the category, which is whether professionals are trained with human supervision. The criteria are mainly unsupervised and reinforcement algorithms. 

  • How do you handle missing or corrupted data in a dataset?

The easiest way for handling missing or corrupted data is to drop the rows or column which replaces the entire value. Two different methods are:

IsNull and dropna will help for finding columns or rows with missing data and dropping them. Fillna will replace the wrong value with a placeholder value. 

  • What are false positives and false negatives, and how are they important?

False-positive is the case that is wrongly classified as true but is false. False negatives are cases that are wrongly classified as false but are true. False-positive refers to the yes row of the predicted value in the confusion matrix. The term indicates the system which has predicted it as positive, but the exact value is negative. Similarly, the term false negative refers to not just the raw expected value in the confusion matrix. 

  • What are the different stages of building a model in machine learning?

Different stages of building machine learning models involve model building, model testing, and applying the model. In model building, a professional must choose a suitable algorithm for the model and this train it according to the requirement. In model testing, professionals must check the accuracy of the model via test data. Then, the professional must apply the model by which to make the changes after testing and use the final model for real-time projects. 


Professionals need to learn the fundamental of machine learning, and this includes supervised and unsupervised learning and mathematical aspects for modeling to create algorithms. It is very valuable that machine learning professionals will learn the essentials which are needed for successfully answering the interview questions which are associated with the field of machine learning. The above-listed questions are basic to machine learning, and hence new concepts will even be asked. So for joining communities, it is important to read them and crack any Machine learning interview. Other than this, there are many professionals who look for the best data science courses to strengthen their skills in data science.  

By Michael Caine

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