Which parameters should you consider while choosing a computer science engineering college?


The list of computer science engineering colleges in Delhi NCR is simply endless. It is very difficult to narrow down on a specific number of colleges because colleges offer numerous facilities and each has one advantage over the other. There are a large number of factors which we can consider while choosing computer science engineering colleges and the three most important of these include state-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities, research laboratories and experienced faculty. Apart from these, other factors we can also take a look at include the research ecosystem and the placement opportunities that are offered in the college. Let us take a look at these parameters in detail.

State-of-the-art infrastructure 

State-of-the-art infrastructure should be the first parameter that you should consider while selecting a Computer Science Engineering college. If the infrastructure facilities are well developed, it gives an indication that the college lays a great amount of focus towards advanced technology. This also highlights the commitment of the college to provide the best facilities to students. Infrastructural facilities not only include good buildings, hostels and libraries but such facilities also include smart classrooms and incubation centres. Infrastructural facilities give the first impression of the college to the students as well as the companies who come there for placement. We conclude that infrastructural facilities act as the face value of a computer science engineering college.

Research facilities

Given the present age of technological revolution that we are witnessing, it is extremely important that a college lays focus on research facilities and research and development centres. Research facilities are what give a picture of the academic standards of the computer science engineering college. It shows the commitment of the faculty towards accentuating academic progress and maintaining the highest academic standards possible. The amount of research that is conducted in a computer science engineering college can be envisaged from the number of research papers that are published in leading journals and academic conferences. Research facilities also provide a platform for students and faculty members of the institution to collaborate with scientists of leading organizations both nationally and globally.

Experienced faculty 

The presence of experienced faculty in a computer science engineering college indicates three important things. 

The first important thing indicated by experienced faculty is that quality training would be important in that particular engineering college. Experienced faculty members usually have a broad understanding of the subject. It is for this reason that they can pass on the concepts to students with a lot of ease and clarity as well. 

The second important advantage of having experienced faculty members is that the research prospects become much more bright and the students also become motivated to contribute to different research projects. 

The third important advantage is that experienced faculty members understand the weakness of students and help in bridging the same. They also help in practical training of students and make the process of learning much more immersive and interactive.

Placement packages 

Placement packages are an important parameter that students consider before taking admission in a computer science engineering college. This is one of the most visible parameter as students can easily distinguish between various college on the basis of discrete figures. It is highly likely that students may choose the computer science engineering college that has got the highest package of the year among different colleges. However, it is important that the percentage of students that have been offered a placement package should be considered rather than looking at a singular package that may be highest paying. You should also take a close look at the number of offers that students have got during placement sessions.

Workshops and internships 

Workshops and internships are the precursor to the practical training that student take up when they venture into the industrial ecosystem. Workshops and internships help in bridging the gap between academic teaching and practical learning that is required to take up a prospective job in the industry. It is in this context that you should choose colleges that conduct annual workshops. You should also check if the placement cell of the college offers internship facilities to undergraduate students by collaborating with different companies.


The above parameters give an indication of the characteristics of a well developed Computer Science Engineering College. There are other parameters as well that students can consider, e.g, the specialization offered in a particular branch like data science. Overall, the above parameters serve as a guide for choosing the best college of your choice.