What Are Louvre Shutters?

Aluminum Louvre Shutters Explained

Shutters offer a layer of protection between the home and the weather that is outside by shielding the windows and protecting the privacy of the home. A louvre shutter is one that allows each slat to move and be adjusted, allowing for changes in how much light is allowed to enter the home without opening the shutters completely.

Benefits of Aluminium Louvres

As shutters that are installed on the exterior of the home are intended to protect the windows from weather and break in as well as to protect the inside from the sun and heat, the change from wooden to aluminum adds to their ability to do so. The material is stronger and lasts longer, and works for both privacy as well as safety. These privacy and security screens can be added to the outside of the windows of any home. New methods of louvre installation often include magnetic systems for keeping them in place for easy installation and to ensure that they are lined up correctly during the installation. Each slat is added in a way that allows them to be adjusted and moved as required. Rather than having the shutters completely open or completely closed, opening the slats to different angles will control the amount of light that is allowed into the home. Traditional shutters have slats that are set in place, and the only way to adapt the light is to open the shutters completely or to close them as they swing open or closed on hinges on each side of the window.Built to be both effective and attractive, they add both beauty and functionality to any home. KS Shutters offer a full range of shutters as well as installations and maintenance as needed. The strength of the material increases the benefits of traditional shutters. With increased flexibility, they are able to be mounted on sun porches and around decks that have the correct supports, rather than only being restricted to the windows. They add safety to the home as well as privacy, as the metal is a harder material that is not easily broken. With the extra layer outside the home, they can prevent damage to the windows during storms or high winds. Debris that is found in the air, as well as hail or other weather events, is also a layer of protection against break-ins. Security shutters that are made with aluminum will prevent anyone from breaking the glass to gain access to the house and keep the contents and the residents safer. While improving the appearance of the home and adding to the value, they will also protect privacy and provide safety. Security shutters may also allow for a better rate on home insurance by reducing the risk of damage from storms. In addition, they will allow for control over the amount of sun that is allowed to enter the home. This reduces cooling costs in the summer and can help improve the energy efficiency of the home.